The Greek Spot, Ocean NJ

A new Greek place opened up across Rt 35 from Panera called The Greek Spot. This place is great - it’s a cafeteria like counter service place that has a lot of cool Greek grocery items and tasty food for a reasonable price. Plus they have Gyro on a spit for only 6 bucks which I really enjoyed. I’ll definitely be returning to try their other options.

p.s. @NotJrvedivici I’m keeping this one a HO exclusive, just for you. I don’t want to be a traitor. :wink:

Joon!!! My man!!! Going to come up with a better nickname for you like MustangMan or TransAmTony!!

Anywho…where exactly is this? The Panerea in Ocean is next to Wegmans and Staples right? I can’t think of what’s across the street, a bank and gas station?

Thanks for info!

Yep, it’s across from the complex that houses Panera and Wegmans, it’s kind of hidden next to a laundromat. I wish we had more places like this near us.

I have quite a few nicknames people have made for me over the years, but I’m looking forward to your creation!

Don’t tell anyone, but I posted about this place on CH in one of the threads about Greek food…as I recall, the place hadn’t been opened long, and what I had was tasty, but although this is close to where I live, I wasn’t WOWed enough that I’ve been back. I do remember an ENORMOUS slice of spanikopita (as in, pizza slice-sized) that I ate over at least 2 meals…

Thanks for the reminder, @joonjoon! I’ll have to give it another shot.

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Popped in this afternoon for a gyro (to go), and it looks like they’re busy…there were people having lunch (it was late–2:30ish), and others coming in while I waited. They gyro was delicious and even larger than the one Apella puts out—and this was $5.95, where Apella’s is (iirc, $7-8). Well worth a stop, and insanely close to home for me. I need to try some other stuff there, including the loukaniko (sausage).

Glad you enjoyed it! Let me know if you wanna pop over for some of that sausage!

By the way, you weren’t kidding about Barrio Costero. Man that place blew me away on the couple things I tried.

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Finally stopped by here for lunch today. Yep, everything that has been reported I can confirm, EXCELLENT, fresh, large, delicious beef/lamb gyro for $5.95. As large as the one at Greek Eats in Shrewsbury which is about $8.95 I think, can’t beat the place.

Thanks for the tip @joonjoon !!

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I brought the family back for lunch on Saturday…lol everything was great again.

Now the question is, I noticed they have some delicious (looking) chicken and lamb shank sitting in chaffing dishes, has anyone tried? That lamb shank really looks like it’s calling my name…{{ whispers…junior…oh junior…come get me…}}

Glad you enjoyed! Yes I was definitely eyeing the lamb shank… I will definitely stop by for a taste at some point. I mean I don’t think I’ve ever had bad lamb shank so I’m sure it will be freakin’ delicious!

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We passed this a few weeks ago coming back north from a Pete and Elda’s trip. I’m a sucker for anything Greek. But this should be a nice Spot to pick up some Gyros, and it seems more like a takeout place instead of a sit down restaurant like Apella. Seems like it will be a great option.

You’re right… It’s definitely nothing like Apella in terms of atmosphere, but they do have 3–4 tables if you want to eat there. But there’s no wait staff… You order at the counter, pay, and they call you back up when your food is ready. I’ve only taken out, but there are always people at the tables.

I’ve eaten in both of my visits, although as Curlz stated its nothing like Apella. Just a FYI start with a gyro but check out the other food to go sitting in the chaffing dishes, they’ve had some delicious looking chicken and lamb shank, I think I’m giving the lamb a shot my next visit. No matter what $5.95 for what they give you can’t be beat.


I would say it’s a very good gyro, especially at that price point, but it is not as good as Melody’s. Definitely shaved from a cone tho, no strips. It is a welcome alternative to the Costco dog in that area.

So, I have to ask, if we were to abbreviate this place what would we call it?

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I should add that Chuck Shumer has pronounced the Costco dog the best in America, so it has to be true.

“This place” as in this food board, Hungry Onion? There is actually a thread regarding that topic, for now we’ll just say your my HO. (Lol I’m sorry!!! I couldn’t resist)

Not with that Avatar, I’m not.

Is that a crunchy caterpillar under your nose?

No I meant how would we abbreviate the Greek Spot ?

Idk about best in America, but it is pretty good. And for a buck fifty with unlimited soda, the price point is great.

(Shhhhhh I’m in disguise…this way the spies at Chow don’t recognize me…c’mon don’t give it away)

I’m going to obviously give this spot a try based on some hard hitters recommending it.

On the topic, do any of the local Greek spots have any good ribeyes? I haven’t been to Nikos in a while but I recall they had a decent ribeye a while back. I may change my name to ribeye Johnny soon if HO will let me lol : )

Jr, tell when is the mixed grill throw down happening? I’m seriously ready. I can’t do one by myself but I’m down for splitting it with someone or leftovers for 2 days. Ha!

Week after next pick a night with exception to Wed the 17th. Mixed grill and their shrimp and scallops kabob for a nice surf n turf combo!!