Greek Eats, Shrewsbury [NJ]

Greek Eats has been mentioned plenty on this board but if you, like me, find yourself in the parking lot of a place and want a quick reference guide, you may be too hungry to search through all of these threads (below), so I thought I’d create one FOR THE PLACE.

Needed to do a run to Trader Joe’s so I thought I’d finally give this place a try; I can see why some of you have talked about it–the food was fresh, serving was more than adequate for the price, and it was a quick in and out. I settled on The Greek (gyro), which ironically had pork instead of the lamb/beef mixture. I probably should have had that one so I could compare it to the Greek Spot version, but…I didn’t.

I thought it was very tasty, plenty full of meat, and it was a perfect lunch. If I have ONE objection, it’s to the addition of fries. In the gyro. HUUUUH? The Falafel Hut in Montclair does this in their falafel sandwiches too and I just don’t get it! Won’t prevent me from going back–just sayin’. Oh, and I got a Spanikopita Empanada to go; will report after I have it.

Other mentions here on HO:

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Just to clarify the fries on the gyro is an option, I’ve never had fries on any of my gyro’s there. How was the empanada? I like them a lot!

Interesting… I wasn’t asked! They just appeared!

Haven’t tried the empanada yet–finally thinking about eating again now!

In Greece, Gyros always come with fries in them. Although, in deference to the English tourists, they are called ‘chips’.

REALLY?!? Now I feel better about them; had no idea. :blush:

In other news, @NotJrvedivici is right–that empanada was excellent! And the sauce that came with it was, too! I kept thinking that maybe they mixed tzatziki with ranch dressing, but wasn’t 100% sure, so I just looked up their menu: GRANCH DRESSING Greek yogurt buttermilk dressing with fresh herbs

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I like fries on my sandwich. Have you ever been to the Grease Trucks in New Brunswick? Most of their sandwiches have fries… for example I would get a Fat Elvis I believe… cheesesteak, gyro meat, fries, mozzerella sticks, and I would usually add porkroll and an egg to it. On top is lettuce, tomato, onion, white sauce, and hot sauce.

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@CurlzNJ I highly recommend the empanadas at Caneda’s in Toms River, NJ. They make a really good Chorizo and Goat Cheese empanada. I also highly recommend the chimichuri sauce (I believe that’s what they said… it’s a green sauce). Ask them for a large extra side when you leave because you will want to use it on everything… salad, homefries at breakfast, etc.

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Primanti Brothers in Pittsburgh is famous for their sandwiches with fries in them.

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Oh, I know that fries on a sandwich or nothing new… I just never expected to get them in a gyro at a Greek place!

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@CurlzNJ you may have seen some of my posts but try the platters. I think they are a much better value. You can get everything that comes in a gyro but not stuffed in bread…and a lot more for like 2 extra bucks. Well as I think of it, maybe you can’t get fries but I never asked. The staff here is really friendly and looking to please.

You get a large plate, with bread, and you pick all the “sides” you want. I literally stack this thing up until food is falling off the metal dish. So for 2 or 3 bucks more or so you can literally get 3 times the weight in food and I am not exaggerating. Ask @Metsfan86 lol This is probably one of those things that won’t last too long. And so far I haven’t had a sauce I didn’t like. They have ranch, traditional tzaziki, Sriracha ( not very spicy) and others. Don’t get me wrong, the gyros are good but after eating the platters I will never go back.

I get two meals out of a dish everytime. I’m not sure where else you can get two decent meals for 5 and change a piece :slight_smile:

That’s what I remembered about your posts, but I just didn’t feel hungry enough when I was there; didn’t even think about just taking home the leftovers, which I do almost everywhere! Next time for sure.

Speaking of bargains, they had signs all over the place for $5 gyros Mon-Fri from 3-5pm… @joonjoon

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I love the chicken but the pork is great and obviously has some fat on it. I’m trying to eat healthier but the pork is darn delicious!

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CJ I feel so dumb for never figuring out the platter trick. I usually load up on the gyro and force it all down as it’s my go to spot when the fan is away and it’s a bachelor night. I need to try this. They def load up whatever you want. I do go sans fries though. I always thought maybe I was special since I usually go pretty close to close, by I used not. Def a place to check out. Hits my Greek fix and so much better than any other quick eats spot.

Give it a shot. I think you will see what I mean. Just tell the person behind the counter to load up what you want and I guarantee it will be a lot of food. They normally just do a scoop of what you ask for but I politely ask them to throw a few down and they happily do it.

def agree on the extra- I usually end up with a half pound of Feta and a liter of tzatziki on it. I was actually overwhelmed by the meat last time…I can never wait to eat it back home so I eat n the car and end up with a good amount on my pants…the picked onions are another I stack…gotta find a night to head there soon…

Great suggestions all. Went here the other day. Got half chicken/half pork plate with gigante beans, brown rice, granch dressing, and a huge scoop of just about every topping offered.

Delicious and awesome value for the price, but I feel like the meat kind of gets lost in the dish when stacked so high with other toppings. May have to go double meat next time.


Good to hear from another fan. How much does it cost to double up on meat? I didn’t realize this was an option and I’m intrigued :slight_smile:

Lol uh oh here we go…I think it’s your turn to do a Greek food challenge CJ!!!

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Can we go for triple meat maybe? Then maybe take a spin class next door?

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I’ll make you this deal; I’ll do the triple meat, you can do the spin class next door!!