The Greek Spot, Ocean NJ

Jr I’m telling you…if the mixed grill they served me comes out you will be in for a world of hurt buddy. I can’t see any normal guy hammering down this entire dish. If you can do it I’ll treat lol. I ate it with my friend and I had left overs for 2 days

The lemon potato side is pretty decent and quite a healthy portion. I barely touched the pita and tzaziki. For 40 bucks this is a large serving of food! I made the mistake of getting an appetizer. I’ve only been once but I’m looking to head back. Maybe we can get a few fans and head over soon.

Alright dudes and dudesses that’s it.

Think about it.

The abbreviation would have to be…

the G SPOT !

(Could be one of the reasons a lot of the guys on this site are having a hard time finding it )

Ah yes… now I get it. Lol

I’m good with food, awful with women.

Ouch…maybe I should have left you at Chow. When is your birthday I’ll buy you a joke book.

Pick a date and start a thread! I was suggesting we split the mix mes grill and seafood!

So the other reason the guys can’t find the G Spot is that it is next to the laundromat, and we all know guys never go to the laundromat unless they absolutely have to.

And there are some large, and very angry looking, women going into that laundromat.


Just had luch at Greek Eats in Shrewsbury, it really is a toss up between the two. The gyro here is $7.50 (for some reason I thought it was $8.95) but both are very good. They had a spinach filled empanadas, I tried one it was very good. Glad to have these options for quick good food.

Have you tried Melody’s yet?

Hmm. I wonder where they serve EMPANADAS in Greece…?!? :scream:

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Notice I didn’t say “authentic” empanadas.

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Spanokopanadas !!!

Ole !!!

Er, … Opa !!!


I was watching this unfold over email notifications and without internet access (I’m traveling) and yelling “G SPOT!!! THE ANSWER IS G SPOT YOU NOT DIRTY MINDED PEOPLE!!”



Thank you !

Or, er… Ephkaristo !

(Told you the guys wouldn’t find it )

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Ha! And I got it on the first post too… #dirtybirds

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Joon and company, has anyone had any good empanadas lately? I like ada’s but haven’t been in a while.

Love it here (Greek Eats)- really great value as well…my go to spot when fam is away for an easy dinner…
Looking forward to trying to G Spot when i’m down that way…insert your own joke here…

You hit that G-spot and you will be pleased my friend!!


So yesterday my daughter and I ate lunch at Cardinal in AP. I thought we would take the longer way home and stop by Greek Eats on our way to pick up some food for dinner. Before I knew it we had passed it and we ended up just continuing on.

Now that I know where it is - Any interest in a meet up for lunch one day before the end of August? Nothing so formal as a HoDown, just a quick lunch.

I’m definitely interested, subject of course to my varying schedule. I’m very anxious to try the lamb shank! Although the gyro is just so good…lol

Absolutely! I’m around this weekend so holler if you want to venture out in the humidity!