The egg , chicken or other chopped sandwich or salad thread

I have been making chopped chicken salad sandwiches for my lunches . I like the ease of the spread. Chicken, mayo, green onion, pickle , celery ,egg , maybe other ingredients I like to incorporate. Any hints . Or the way you make your salads . Thanks


I really enjoy a good potato salad sandwich.

Carb on carb violence!


A great idea to a Saturday morning. Potato salad spread on a piece of toasted Italian bread . With a small glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

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My college roommate used to eat Kraft Mac N Cheese sandwiches, with the Mac N Cheese made with just water (no milk, cream or dairy).

It was literally the poor-person’s grilled cheese sandwich, without the grill or any “real” cheese.

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I put red seedless grapes cut in half , dried cranberries, and golden raisins in my chicken salad. I also like a Gala apple in my tuna salad. Nothing earth shattering, but I like it. I use chopped sweet pickles, celery, red onion and Duke’s mayo in both. The tuna gets a sprinkle of dried dill week while the chicken gets a sprinkle of Herbs de Provence.


My only contribution to this thread is to recount my only experience with an American chicken salad sandwich.

I ordered it, fully expecting to get what, in my country (and other European countries I’ve visited), would be a chicken salad sandwich. That is pieces of chicken between the the slices of bread, with salad items like lettuce, tomato etc. Such a disappointment to get this beige gloop of finely chopped chicken and mayo. Just so unappetising. At first I thought it was maybe just how that place made them but, oh no, that’s how an American chicken salad sandwich is supposed to be. Hence the one and only experience.

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This belongs in the North American vs British English thread.

North American Tuna Salad is British Tuna Mayo

North American “Chicken Salad Sandwich” will almost always be chopped chicken with Mayo. “Chinese Chicken Salad” is the other main chicken salad, which isn’t usually in a sandwich, and it’s vinegar-based.

Same with Salmon Salad, Egg Salad, Turkey Salad sandwich.

The chicken salad sandwich doesn’t have to be chopped finely.

A chicken sandwich with tomato and lettuce would usually be called a chicken sandwich on the North American menu, no specific mention of the toppings.

I can see Chicken Salad sandwich being misleading to British people.

I’d like to mention your British Cheese and Pickle Sandwich is disturbing and disappointing to Canadians who like (love) dill pickles and have not acquired a taste for Branston Pickle!!

In North America, pickle without an adjective means cucumber pickle( typically dill, sweet or bread & butter), not a brown relish!

Kelly, Harters wasn’t trying to get your goat.

Let’s not take things to personally. Food should bring people together . We all have some knowledge and we all have more to learn.


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Not really a contribution- one experience does not an authority make. So sad that you formed an incorrect opinion after one experience.

Kelly, please don’t take things personally- or politically.

Canadians call chicken salad chicken salad , too! It isn’t American bashing. Canadians SHARE chicken salad and APPLE PIE with you Americanos.

This is a Continental cultural divide, not Anti-Americanism!

This isn’t about America, it’s about North America :wink:

Chicken Salad is my favourite salad sandwich.

Let’s focus on the chicken salad.


Ok, bless your heart. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:




Who knew chicken salad was so controversial? :open_mouth: :crazy_face: :rofl:


Don’t Mess with Texas, I mean Don’t Mess with Chicken Salad.

It isn’t, or at least, wasn’t.
Ah, the good old days.


I’ll give a shout out to the Hollywood Club, a club sandwich made with chicken salad (not too finely chopped), topped with streaky bacon, lettuce and sliced tomato.


If I’m making chicken salad, I often go very simple - halved or quartered grapes (or dried cranberries), chopped walnuts, chopped celery, a dried herb (tarragon or a mixed blend from Penzeys), mayo and s/p.

Sometimes I curry it up.
Sometimes I forgo the grapes and choose a different dried herb. All depends on my mood.

Tuna salad - usually just chopped celery, mayo, s/p and some dried herb - a pinch of tarragon or a mixed herb blend.


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