The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread

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hahahaha you’re killing me!!! Honestly I would think probably not. Here’s why; from what I’ve seen the Grand Tavern is far from fine dining. Not saying Fernandes is, however at Grand Tavern prices I could be in Manhattan getting top notch ambiance and service. Fernandes offers better service and ambiance at half the price so for me they would win even if their product is of lesser quality.

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That said, I’m ready willing and able to try Grand Tavern anytime


I am game too but I think maybe the Mar Belo 60oz could be a good call.

I’m doing the math in my head. 125 for maybe a 40 or possibly up to 50oz tomahawk at Grand tavern. This is vs 2 Fernandes tile ribeyes at probably 70oz or so total, and some shrimp…with the “coolness” factor of the hot butter sizzling on a tile.

So 125 vs 74 for two steaks with shrimp. So you have about 50 to work with to get up to the single tomahawk. That’s a few good drinks or a few nice apps. After the bread and salad bar at Fernandes, you technically don’t need too much more. On paper I’m giving it to Fernandes but then again, the grand tavern ribeye could be a life changing cut of meat lol

Does anyone have a clue what this beast runs at Mar belo?

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We ate at the Grand Tavern recently. I found their lack of pretension refreshing. I can’t eat ambiance but we did thoroughly enjoy the tomahawk. I prefer a simply presentation and their French fries are about perfect.


Nice. How much did it weigh?

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Hahahahaha…I read this too fast and read it as; “How much do you weigh”…I’m thinking why the f’ is CJ asking Wayne how much he weighs???

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The menu said, “42 oz, 30 day dry-aged côte du bœuf tomahawk steak” and I have no reason to doubt any of the words. Served perfectly sliced, nestled in along side of the bone.

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Was it served in it’s natural juices pooled on the plate (maybe some butter?) or was it served after it “rested” on a clean /dry plate?


I remember @coldbeer70 saying this steak is pretty damn awesome. He posted a pic I believe

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Presentation? I’ll be honest - the lighting was such that I really can’t answer your question
beyond a guess. The steak was served with a large cup of au jois and the steak itself was very moist, tender, and perfectly prepared. I would not have changed a thing - except maybe the spend. It does seem the sort of place that would accommodate client wishes - just a guess on my part.


So I talked to a guy at work today and he knows I’m a serious carnivore. He asked me if I had been to flames and I told him yes. He proceeded to tell me he had a really nice dinner and got completely stuffed there. I’m glad to see he enjoyed it. I hope this places does well and spreads the “rodizio revolution” lol. (That’s a joke, but it would be awesome to see more Brasilian in central nj)


I’m glad to hear you loved that steak. If my math is correct, 125 for a 42oz ribeye is pretty steep? If it is that good, then I might have to try it. Am I referring to the right steak wizard?

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Steep? Yeah. Unique to the area? Also, as far as I know, yeah. It was a celebration diner and others had a very positive opinion of the offering. It was more an experience than just a meal. And when we have something large to celebrate again, I won’t hesitate. I am also looking forward to trying some of their more conventional and reasonable dishes.


Sounds great. I am looking forward to trying it.

So has anyone been getting any good skirt steaks lately?

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As has been said, timing is everything. The Grand Tavern ‘dropped’ their new menu. The tomahawk is gone and everything else I wanted to try is also gone. That may be it until after the summer for me. Maybe a fly-by for a burger.

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And here we go compliments of the Pour House in Tinton Falls. 24oz Kansas City Sirloin, topped with their garlic butter. As I’ve said not a bad hunk of beef if your in the mood.

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Did you ask for the garlic butter? Just wondering as I’ve gotten grilled steaks there in the past and found them to be bland and under seasoned. Almost seemed like they forgot to put any salt on them. I have enjoyed their roasted prime rib special.


Wow that is weird. I heard good things about the tomahawk there. Oh well, I guess it is Mar Belo next for me.

Jr, that looks good. No bone I assume?