The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread

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You are 100% spot on, normally they don’t pre-season their steaks at all. Depending on how busy it is I will ask the grill man to salt and pepper mine before it goes on the grill. I did have to request the garlic butter which is something the have only recently started to offer, but you do have to request it. Prior to them having this I would ask them to give me a ladle of the clarified butter they serve with the roasted clams. They really do their steaks a disservice if you don’t request how to spruce it up.

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Correct no bone all meat!!


Has anyone had the 19.99 prime rib special at sitting duck? I think wed and Sunday. I seem to recall getting it a few years ago.


love this thread

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I’ve had it at the Pour House and it was good. Just get there early they have ran out the last couple times I tried at Pour House, admittedly it was probably 9pm when I stopped in.


Good to know. I do like the Pour House. It’s a default place when we just want consistent food.

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Dreaming of grilling weather, and a reminder to keep an eye out for the Easter sales. This was least year


Wow nice shot! Has anyone noticed any price decreases at whole foods since amazon took it over?

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Served Luger style with home fries, sauteed arugula, and a tomato salad.

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Ouichimamma!!! The only thing missing from pic is ME!! Dammit that looks great!! Hope you enjoyed. Here’s my foo-foo Filet Oscar from tonight.


Did you cast iron that? Looks good!

Jr, what kind of crab meat? (That is what it apears to be but I could be wrong.) Generally that is what I see on menus. I don’t too too many filets so forgive my ignorance.

I just got a 3 meat platter from local smoke…half bird, brisket, half rack…mac n cheese, sweet chili brussels. I’m not sure if this qualifies for the big ole steak thread.

If anyone is in the RB area, they have 2 for 7 empanadas on special. House smoked pastrami, sauerkraut, swiss cheese and Russian dressing dipping sauce. I saw these 5 minutes after I ordered and was kind of pissed I didn’t see them sooner. I’m heading back to try some once the roads are ok. I bet they are awesome. The manager is a really cool guy. He said they are probably shutting down tomorrow so who knows if I can get these .


Fine-china worthy. Nice…!

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It was canned “lump” crab meat, not jumbo lumped that was $29 per can vs this which was $13. (16 oz)


Nice. Was it Philips?

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Honestly I don’t recall the brand name, it was a blue van with red letters, I do think those are Phillips colors. It was good whatever brand it was, I bought a can at Acme over the weekend it was horrible. It was their private label brand and had a very fishy tase, I rinsed it, sprinkled lemon juice on it but it just tasted bad. F’ning Acme I hate that store.


I’m not sure on that one. Philips has some good meat. It is Asian swimming crab meat and it is available at costco. Blue claw meat is better but it is crazy expensive. Anyway, that steak looks awesome. I need to try one at chez Jr ! Lol

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From One 18 Bistro in Deal. I told the owner I’m not sure if he’s giving me an extra generous cut, so I’m apprehensive to post pics in case someone goes and is disappointed. I’ll tell you what though if the cut is half this size at $24. it beats the hell out of a comparable steak at Outback or Texas Roadhouse.


Comments on this process?