The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread

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Wagyu is the Japanese word for Japanese 和 Cow 牛. Over here it can mean anything, including Angus crossbreeds, but in Japan it has to be one of four varieties.

“Kobe” in Japan is a protected term, it’s extremely selective. Certified Kobe means that it has to come from Hyogo prefecture and be certified by an independent inspection board. Only 3,000 animals a year make the grade.

There is no protection in the US for the term “Kobe” so pretty much anything can be marked as Kobe beef here, including hot dogs (!).

Needless to say, genuine Kobe beef certified as such in Japan is exceedingly rare in the US. Imports have only been allowed since 2012 due to the mad cow scare.

Last time I checked there were only 9 restaurants that we’re licensed by the Kobe beef board in Japan. The list can be found here:

So most of the beef marketed in the US as “Kobe” is not Kobe as this term is understood in Japan. And CJ is right, there was a scandal about this a few years ago.

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So that’s how Mrs. Bryant got away with that !!


I was a huge Peter Luger fan for years. Ask me my favorite restaurant and that would be it hands down. But something has changed (and not just the price.) Either they are aging them less, seasoning them differently, or the steaks aren’t as Prime as they used to be, but I’d now have to say they are over-rated and I’m not going back.

So I’m reading this thread with great interest because daddy was a butcher and there is nothing I like better than a juicy steak.

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I had my “awakening” similar to you approximately 20 years ago, it wasn’t so much my disappointment with the quality as you are explaining but more the hassle of schlepping out to Brooklyn from Monmouth County several times a month.

About 15 years ago I had read about a couple of Peter Luger servers who had left to open their own steakhouse in Manhattan, Ben and Jacks. I went once and never thought again of bothering with Lugers, the quality was close enough and the environment, service and commute far superior. (I prefer being in Manhattan anyway)

Now Ben and jacks with their two locations expanded their brand to Empire Steakhouse (owned by the same family) with their 3 locations. (albeit one is in Japan lol) I STRONGLY encourage you to give either of them a try, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Empire’s E. 50th location is the epitome of a high end NY City Steakhouse, part of the Kimberly Hotel which has a roof top bar.


I have added them to my list! Keep meaning to try Fernandes. That will happen soon.

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Well let me clarify, Fernandes is bang for the buck, NOT prime / dry aged. You get a very good steak at a very good price at Fernandes and a ton of other options.

I have a real issue finding a great steak in NJ. The latest trend of letting steaks “rest” prior to plating / serving is one that I am NOT a big fan of. I want my steak served in a butter bath, on a sizzling plate, just like Lugers. I cannot name one current steakhouse in NJ that serves their steaks in that manner. There are plenty of good steaks to be had here just not prepared and served to my specific liking.

(fyi Fernandes serves a rib eye cut into slices and served table side , “finished” on a roofing tile, with garlic butter and a couple garlic shrimp on top
that is friggin delicious!)


So when you make steak at home, 1) where do you buy it, and 2) how do you prepare it?

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lol, there is no quick and easy answer to this.

Where to buy steak:
1.) Monmouth Meats Red Bank NJ (they have everything including the above noted kobe)
2.) I use to buy a lot at Foodtown in Red Bank, excellent butcher but pricey.
3.) If I’m in Shop Rite I will pick up a steak if I see any decent CAB, but that’s not a genuine suggestion for a good steak.
4.) BJ’s Wholesale Club use to sell cryovac prime grade steaks. Haven’t seen them lately, however I was at Costco over the weekend and noticed Prime grade steaks “fresh” cut from the butcher. (at pretty impressive pricing…$ 9.99lbs??)
5.) Restaurant Depot for whole primals that I will trim at home for parties or to freeze


I will use a cast iron pan, with oil and finished with butter. Depending on the thickness I might finish it in the oven.

I have a infa-red outdoor grill that I like to use. Sear 2-3 mins per side then finish on a pan on the grill and give butter bath.

I generally just prep my steaks with pepper and (generous) kosher /coarse salt.


I just joined Restaurant Depot and did get some excellent meat, but haven’t tried the steaks yet. Will have to check out Costco, haven’t been in a while.

I generally do use the Cast Iron, but recently bought a sous vide device and was thinking of doing one sous vide and one cast iron and comparing.


I recently read about Has anyone tried their meat?


Jr, I haven’t had one in a while but they will serve you a hot plate with garlic butter at salt creek. It’s the best dish on the menu but if I recall, you now have to ask for it that way (NY strip)

I still want to tackle that 60oz Mar Belo ribeye. I need to be mentally prepared for that though :slight_smile:

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Yeah that place is on my “to-do” list too, I would invite you to another challenge but remember how that went at Apella!

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Luger’s cooks it, let’s it rest, and then pops it under the broiler again just before serving.

So they do let it rest.

Best deal at Luger is lunch for the prime rib or burger, dinner is kind of poser ville these days.

If you are dissapointed in the beef these days that has more to do with the feedlots than the aging process.

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At Piccola Italia in Ocean

Thursday, March 8, 2018 – 7:00 pm
$110/Person Plus Tax & Gratuity
*Wine Flight Available at $38/person + Tax & Gratuity

Reservations Required: 732-493-3090

If you like steak, then you NEED to come to this event! We will have a Rep, from Allen Brothers, discussing the cuts of meat, drying process and answering questions, AND we will have a Rep to talk about the specially-chosen wine fights available, as well. This is going to be a great dining experience!


Course 1
Wedge Salad
Marinated Grape Tomatoes, Candied Bacon, Sourdough & Gorgonzola Crouton, Gorgonzola Dressing

North Country Double Smoked Candied Bacon
Vermont Maple Syrup

Baked Clams
Chorizo, Parmesan Bread Crumb

Course 2

Creamed Spinach
Country Whipped Potato
Beer Battered Onion Rings
Vermont Cheddar Mac & Cheese

Port Wine Reduction
Horse Radish Cream

Course 3
Chocolate & Whiskey Tart with Fresh Whipped Cream
Rum Raisin Bread Pudding with Anglaise, Vanilla Gelato

Wine Flights
Four Graces Pinot Gris, Odjfell Orzada Cabernet & Carigman

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I got this baby at One 18 Bistro (Old Mr. C’s location before they moved to Allenhurst Beach Club), thanks to my friend Eddie Goldberg. (he might have cut me a generous portion)

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Maybe its out of nostalgia, but my favorite steak has always been and currently is a filet mignon cooked up at Portuguese Manor in Perth Amboy. They don’t give how many ounces it is, but I guess eight or ten. They always cook it however you order it. There is one version covered in ham and a garlic-wine sauce (pictured below). Another comes served flaming, in a booze-laced mushroom sauce which is just to die for. Of course, it comes with the usual saffron rice, potatoes, and vegetables. They are around $20 (which just went up from $17, which they had been at for most of my life). I’ve been coming here since I was a kid. The food never changed. Same waiters and matre’d’s. The decor is unchanged as well. Some might call it dated, but to me it just works. I’ve posted too many links to my blog today, so you’ll have to wait for my full review at a later time. :slight_smile: (They also have wonderful seafood dishes. From the ubiquitous paella to a spicy seafood stew called zarzuela).


As a side note, Bahama Breeze in Woodbridge once cooked up an amazing steak. Not just for a chain, but period. I usually order rare. Places always mess it up. Either they don’t know how to cook it or are afraid too. They freakin’ nailed it.


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Have you been to the Armory lately? I’ve had a coupe lunch appointments there and they did a nice job on the re-build post Sandy. In the summer they have an outside band and music, could be a nice summer escape from the crowds in our Monmouth County backyards.

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I was only at the Armory once, pre-Sandy. From what I remember, it was very good. I just don’t remember what I ate. :smiley:


I’m pretty sure Fernandes 3 has hurt their business. After going there once I was really impressed. In fact, I will probably only go to 2 for family events now.

Has anyone been to Neil michaels? For 44 bucks a dry aged 22oz cowboy can be had. Not cheap, but I love good dry aged meat. My last dry aged steak at char was kind of disappointing for 60 bucks, and I didn’t even pay for it. I thought a 55 day age would have been a lot better than this but then again, you can put anything on paper.

So here is my question @NotJrvedivici , is the grand tavern 125 ribeye going to top 2 tile ribeyes and 4 martinis? Lol