Fernandes Steakhouse 3, South Amboy NJ

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I have no idea how there isn’t a thread dedicated to Fernandes, especially after how often they are mentioned in various other threads. (if someone is more astute than I in using the search function and finds a thread please flag this and I will merge them, thank you)

As the governing member of the US Olympic Steak Eating Team I am here to announce that on this the first day of February in the year 2018 - that Fernandes 3 is the BEST steakhouse in NJ. The following criteria were used in our consideration:


It took my visit last night to be reminded just what value Fernandes offers. The night before I entertained a client at Prime 13 in Point Pleasant (see review) and it was a very good meal. We shared a 44 oz. porterhouse for 2 @ $ 97. (this was not prime grade nor aged) as I said it was very good. The next night, or last night as I write this, I had dinner at Fernandes, look at the middle of the daily specials:
2 & 1/2 lbs.(40 oz) porterhouse $40.75 (not prime nor aged). I paid $50. additional for 4 oz. the night before and I was “pleased” with it, I could get 5 lbs of porterhouse for $ 81.50 at Fernandes & leave an 18%± tip for the exact same amount I spent at Prime 13, that’s value. Also every entree’s comes with salad bar (average salad bar) and potato and vegetable. Mind you this is also value where a baked potato was $7. and average vegetable side is $9. at Prime 13, and most other traditional steakhouses.

A few things I want to note, this is not the best steak award, there are many places that serve superior products like prime and dry aged, my personal favorite. However, this award is about overall restaurant / steakhouse experience and I don’t think you can beat Fernandes. Don’t get me started on their awesome Portuguese rolls/bread or the f’n delicious balsamic reduction in olive oil dipping plate. I could make a meal of that alone.

I have had several dozen meals here since they opened. I’ve dined alone like last night and I’ve had parties with 20+ people and never has there been any complaint about meals. Including one HO down with some of our favorite Hungry Onion friends. (sorry you missed it @curlz) As I said above I’m not going to try and convince you this is the best restaurant or everything is on a gourmet level, it’s not, but it is very good food consistently served well.

All male all Spanish/Latin American and very attentive. Again out of my dozens of times here there has never been a service issue. Service is always solid.

This is what I really think makes Fernandes stand out. Their menu is literally 4-5 pages, with everything from steaks, to rodizio, to seafood, paella and Italian. All of which is very well prepared, my father loves their chicken parm and we dine at some excellent Italian restaurants yet that is his go to meal here. (3 pieces of chicken breast) Their paella is excellent, one of my favorites, the rodizio is never ending if you can keep up. The variety of meats offered on the rodizio is extensive you are bound to be satisfied with anything you get. There are few steakhouses that offer as much variety for nearly any palate as Fernandes. (I don’t know about vegan options)

Last night this was my tomahawk rib eye @ $62. (up from $55. the last time I ordered it) I don’t know the size/weight however if sliced off the bone this could easily have been served as a tomahawk for 2. Again at Prime 13 this was $90. how can you not _love_ this steak at $62. with salad bar and sides.

For these reasons the committee and I are proud to award this acknowledgement upon Fernandes 3 in South Amboy. Obviously I strongly encourage you to give it a try and see for yourself.


The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread
The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread
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No need to dine alone at Fernandes unless you prefer to. Just give me a few hours notice.

I agree with everything you wrote and always enjoy my meals there.

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I will certainly let you know the next time I “plan” on going. Usually, like last night, I finished an appointment in Woodbridge and decided at last minute to visit Fernandes. That’s how 90% of my solo meals go, depending on where I am, what I’m going to pass and what I’m in the mood for. I’m thankful I thought of Fernandes last night.


Impromptu steak dinner is classy.


If you look up classy in the dictionary, there’s a picture of @NotJrvedivici :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Actually my picture is next to “gassy”. :open_mouth:


Also that.

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I haven’t been to this location, but love the one in Newark. The seafood dishes are also really good, particularly Camarão Grelhado à “Matozinhos” (Grilled GIANT shrimp in wine/garlic/butter/crack sauce).


Ooooh I love those giant prawns!!! :shrimp:

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Yes I love the one in Newark as well. Thankfully with this one I don’t have to schlep into Newark to enjoy! If you are more local to South Amboy than Newark give them a try! FYI Reservations are hard to get on weekends they are normally booked up. Even when we had our Ho’down there I believe we had some issues getting a reservation for 8 people. I tried to do a birthday party for my father in law a couple weeks ago, they declined a reservation for 17 people on a Saturday night. I could have 5pm or NOTHING. lol We went to Jimmy’s in Asbury Park instead.

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I would welcome another meal at FS3 as well. Those pics look good enough to eat.

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@BossaNova if you boy’s want to pick a date for a follow up outing to FS3 I’m in! Pick some dates!


Porterhouse two nights in a row, my hero.


It was a porterhouse and ribeye actually…the old one two punch!

Nice jr. That thing looks great. I haven’t had a steak in weeks. I’m living vicariously through your conquests.


We have 6.99 prime strips on sale from HEB this week in Houston and I’m on vacation

Double score!


Even better!


I’m gonna be around downtown Houston for a work trip on Tuesday… any favorite restaurant recommendations?


My cousin (who grew up in Houston and now lives in Austin) says Go Cajun in Houston…


I’ll second Cajun and add great authentic Tex-Mex that I doubt is available in the NE just as we have many foods down here that is better up there.

El Tiempo on Navigation is a short cab ride or hotel shuttle from downtown. The prices are a bit high but the portions are huge. An appetizer can feed one with maybe an a la carte taco al carbon.

Anything with fresh jumbo lump crab is a favorite, enchiladas, quesadillas, or nachos.

The fajitas were popularized by the Laurenzo family in the 70’s and they own the place, excellent.


Grab a margarita or three, powerful look out, ask for skinny, no sugar.

Cajun, crawfish season is beginning and the city has a love for them. The Cajun stop Jefferson Street does them or you can get an oyster, shrimp, or roast beef po boy.


Call for availability for crawfish.


Appreciate it! I think I’ll soon been eyeballing the crab quesadillas at tiempo! Thanks!