The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread


Last night’s sample size was too small to say. Wife and I shared a bibb salad (great dressing), the steak, and brussell sprouts cooked in bacon. All very good. Only been a couple times previously and enjoyed the bbq shrimp and grits. And, fwiw, they are pretty serious about their cocktail program. Enjoyed an apricot old fashioned that was very well made.

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Last night we were supposed to go to Fernandez however my wife changed her mind, unfortunately this was after I already had my heart set on my meal. You might ask yourself; What meal is that Notjrvedivici? Why that would be steak on a tile topped with garlic shrimp. So needless to say tonight o had to have steak with garlic shrimp, sans the tile. (I have considered purchasing a tike(s) just to replicate the presentation which I do enjoy)

Not the biggest or best steak this thread has seen but good enough for tonight!


I love the single french fry. Very artistic! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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To represent the sides served!


Nonono it was a CHOICE! :rofl:


Looking good! I like the fat.

Where did you get it?

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Those were off the shelf at Shoprite!

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Good ole’ Monmouth Meats never disappoints! Prime aged ribeye $18.99lbs! They also have Japanese Kobe on hand for $109lbs. (I’m going to try this just not when entertaining!)


That looks tasty! I wonder what that steak really is for 109 a pound. It’s 100% not kobe beef. There are literally 8 places in the US that get certifed kobe beef and none are in NJ, and none are butchers. All are restaurants and one is actually in honolulu. I wish I had gone there but never did :confused:

You didn’t take a pic of it did you? I wouldnt mind paying 109 for an awesome wagyu strain of cattle but it’s just false advertising to call it kobe beef. They could call it “kobe style” beef but it’s not authentic kobe. The Japanese association actually gives the few places a statue and you get a certification.

Did you see what happened to old homestead? Lol

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I didn’t take a pic but it’s on display in their case, it looked legit. What happened with Old Homestead?


They got called out for serving kobe that wasn’t certified kobe with some investigation by inside edition. They basically laid it on the line and said to the owner, “show us your certificate and statue” and he wouldn’t produce. I’m not saying who is right or wrong, but if I was the owner I’d surely show that off with pride if I had it!

Obviously not everything you read is true, but old homestead wasn’t on the short list of restaurants which you can easily find on many places online. Anyway, I’m sure that steak is killer. I might have to get one today. I think I have 109 bucks laying around :):grin:

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It certainly is 100% A-5 Kobe I know I buy it and I sell it,Stew

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@corvette_johnny sounds like he’s calling you out my man. I say you have to buy us a couple Kobe steaks and so we can give our opinion!! Let me know when!!


Arguing on the Internet isn’t my thing but I’ll leave my closing statement. If he is sourcing it from one of 8 places in the US, then he is doing great! The closest are ones in NYC and long island.

A tiny fraction of Japanese a5 steak is kobe. The thing is there are no laws here so you can just call it what you want. I see kobe on EVERYTHING…even hotdogs. Furthermore, real a5 kobe is waaaay more than 6.80 per ounce :wink:

Without a doubt it’s some awesome a5 wagyu strain from another ranch. I’m sure it is well worth the price. Monmouth meats is awesome!

Stew, send me a private message if you have a restaurant. I’d love to come try some.

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Absolutely A-5 Japan Kobe …No restaurant,Just Best Butcher Shop around


I would trust Stew iimplicitly he’s the best

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F’n Fernandes in South Amboy can’t beat it baby!!


Dayum. Still mad I missed the dinner there !!


Is it me or are steak prices, and I guess food in general, skyrocketing? This is from kunya Siam and it used to be 18.95, then 19.95 and just now it jumped to 23.95 since my last visit. Everything on the menu went up. A small soup is now 7 bucks :confused:

This is a super tasty steak but at 24 bucks it lost some luster. This was one of my “budget steaks”

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Vanilla prices are through the roof right now. $30/pint, $60/quart. That’s the one I’ve noticed the most.