Surprise Frozen Fries

I went through a bag of the straight cut fries purchased at my local Safeway and echo that they are very good, definitely a step above Ore-Ida. Not quite as good as freshly made but more convenient for sure.

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Another winner from McCain… just tried these last night and was very pleased.

First thing I noticed - placing them on the baking sheet - were green specks??? Yes… they’re seasoned (parsley, onion, garlic, and more). Way different than any other frozen hash brown I’ve had, and very tasty (no ketchup or anything else needed - except a light pinch of kosher salt before going into the toaster oven).

One note: lightly oil the sheet/foil or they WILL stick due to fluffy texture.


I’ve had those. They taste good. Kroger has some hash browns (Kroger Seasoned Hash Brown Shredded Potato Patties) that are thin like the Baby Cakes and are seasoned pretty well. I also like those, even though the Kroger branded ones are pretty greasy. Another McCain product I’ve had fairly recently are the Craft Beer Battered Fries. I didn’t expect to like them, but they’re actually some of my favorite frozen fries. The beer flavor is subtle, and the batter is, too. A McCain miss for me are the Smiles. Didn’t like those at all.

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Tried them last night and didn’t like them as much as my standard, L&W.

I’ve been munching on the McCain brand since the creation of this thread. Thank you, thank you.

I tried Walmart brand hash brown patties a couple months ago. Had one and threw the rest out. Too greasy!

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The Baby Cakes look great, but (like many of the McCain products) are unavailable in our area. I do like the regular McCain fries though.

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