Snack Attack, homemade

Couldn’t find a homemade snack thread, so I’m hoping we can share treats we make in between main meals.

Earlier today, I made a cashew based snack ball.
Using the FP…Whirled raw Cashew, lemon zest and juice, ginger root. Shaped and coated in finely shredded coconut. Also added flaxseed oil, vanilla extract, and then lemon powder in the coconut coating. Shape mixture into balls. Chilled for 20 mins to firm up and packed with flavor.

What snacks do you make for you and yours?


Thanks for starting this thread, @Rooster!

I’ve made date and nut balls about five times So far in the month I’ve been stranded with family on the west coast. I call them healthy truffles, the kids call the latest version Nutella balls, because I swapped in hazelnuts and they really do taste like Nutella.

Simplest version is 3 ingredients - medjool dates, nuts of your choice, and cocoa. I sometimes add vanilla (or rum or a liquor for an adult treat). I’ve also skipped the cocoa and used other dried fruits to change up the flavor profile.

Here are the most recent Nutella balls. I didn’t bother decorating them (roll in cocoa or nuts or shaved chocolate or sprinkles) because the kids don’t care.

Think we may make some Rice Krispie treats this weekend.


Fun! 3 ingredient delishness!

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Wheat thins and gorgonzola.

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Do you ever melt the cheese first on the cracker?

my brother has 3 lbs of pecans in the freezer and dried cherries to use up so these beauties are next


No I haven’t melted it yet .

Made these today. Ordered pork rinds from my usual organic butcher in the big city. Dirt cheap and I’m the only one who orders it, says the butcher. I usually boil or steam the rinds then season with sesame oil, tamari and chilli oil and eat them as part of an Asian meal.

Toast the Sichuan peppercorns in a dry pan, grind finely, add salt too if you want. Toss well when scratchings are just out of the oven and glisten with fat (the seasoning sticks better). Use any flavouring one fancies, really.


Made another batch of cashew butter to snack on with celery, apples, carrots and warmed naan.

Couldn’t be easier!


Made these again after a while… will add a pic later.

Just hazelnuts this time because we had enough, plus dates, cocoa, and vanilla. Left some of the hazelnuts a bit chunky a la Ferrero rocher… lots of kid “taste testing” along the way to get the cocoa, nut, daste ratio and texture “just right” :joy:


Today, rice krispie treats are chilling awaiting a Reese’s topcoat.


You know @Rooster, I’ve never been able to make good Rice Krispie treats; croissants, yes, but the treats elude me to this day. Use fresh marshmallows & everything. I’m going to put it down to product reformulations, which I blame all on these days. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Must be salted Euro butter, Kellogg’s rice krispies and Jet Puffed marshmallows. Ratios of all three matter. The Reeses cups are layered between a top and bottom r. Krispie-mallow layer and then topped with melted mini choc chips and p butter mix. My family devours them.


Sounds wonderful, never use anything but the real deal stuff either. Excepting the euro salted butter. Always used reg salted. I’m almost afraid to try them again…silly I can’t make them right.

They are really good if you make them with browned butter!

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Mmmmm - food for thought, love browned butter anything; think you said the magic words to inspire me to give them another shot. Will post results @jackiecat.

Cinnamon sugar gf baked donuts using a silicon mold and piping bag.


They look great @Rooster! Do please share your recipe/source if you can, or any tips for those new to GF baking. Failed last week w/GF bread, mentioned on another thread.

I used a Wilton recipe since the silicon molds are their brand. For gf, I use Bob’s Red Mill brand; either the gf baking flour or the even easier 1:1 flour. There is buttermilk in the batter which is key for this type of donut to keep them moist. The cheapo piping bag off Amazon goes 3 turns around each mold ring for a full final result. Then dip in melted butter and a cinnamon sugar bath on one side once cool enough to pop out of the silicon. Def spray the molds before filling. The pumpkin and cranberry orange versions I tried still need finesse. These are incredibly easy.

Eta: taste/texture-somewhere btwn a pancake and sweet roll.

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Appreciate it; think I’ll look for a recipe using a standard donut type pan. Don’t really care for silicone baking pans/molds. Then I’d need to buy a donut pan. Not necessarily a bad thing though. They do look very good.