Snack Attack, homemade

Yeah, I share your hesitation over the pans. First time I have used one. The teflon ones bothered me more and I don’t plan on frying donuts. I must admit, the donuts cooked in 9 minutes and popped out without any issue.

My neighbors 6 yr old just gifted me a fluffernutter rice krispie bar. It sure looks tempting…


Charity in the heart of a six year old. How great is that.


Pretty darn great and their Fluffernutter skills are spot on!


I would eat that. That’s a great idea! Add protein to it so it’s “healthy”… :grin:

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Another version included covering the smooth pb topping with chopped peanuts or fresh cut up berries. They all worked. I’m an almond butter freak so I’d go there too.

  1. Ritz or similar cracker, like TJ’s 12Grain. Top with a thin slice of Granny Smith or other firm, tart apple, then lay a small slice of Swiss or Cheddar over it and microwave until melted. Eat them warm.

  2. Rice Krispie treats including real white chocolate chips and your choice of dried or freeze-dried fruit bits. I like banana and pineapple. You can sub melted virgin coconut oil for butter.

  3. Remove 1 to 2 pounds of seedless grapes from their stems. Rinse, put into a large freezer bag. Sprinkle with a packet of the flavored gelatin mix of your choice. Shake the bag to coat evenly, keep in freezer. To serve, portion into bowls and let sit at room temperature for 5-10 minutes before eating. Very refreshing, and a special favorite this year because the friend who introduced me to them succumbed to cancer 6 months ago.


Not sure how I forgot to shoot my own photo but these nibbles were really good… I used a combo of almonds and walnuts.

And this quick fix crunchy snack mix is next from a magazine.


Pistachio-matcha-coconut energy balls for my wife. Request.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold