Site serving pictures and software from servers closest geographically

The site is finally serving all pictures, CSS, javascripts (i.e. the forum software itself) fully on CDN (i.e. servers closer to your cities) after I figured out something that didn’t work in multiple previous CDN attempts (CORS, for those of you interested). Hopefully those on the East Coast, Asia (@klyeoh), Europe (@naf) sees some load time improvements.

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All seems fine here in northwest England.

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I did not encounter any problems here in Asia as well, but will keep a close eye on things.

Happy Cake Day Harters!!!

Seems to load a bit faster, will continue to keep an eye on this.

It’s a bit slow for me too. That hypnotic circle lasts for several seconds between page loads or comment loading. It used to be much faster.

Odd. Because there is now a server in LA serving contents to you. That I found is serving the content to NorCal a split second slower than previously. If its not getting any faster, I might try another content delivery (CDN) vendor.

Maybe it’s me. Stupid AT&T.

Not sure if this is related, but I’m not longer seeing imbedded images in posts. I just see the image name.

A good example would be the What’s for Dinner thread under Cooking Discussions.

can you elaborate? i am seeing them ok. e.g.

This is the post:

This is what I see:

Does anyone have this issue?

ETA: Yes, I see it now. I have the same issue. Thanks for flagging. let me look into this.

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Many recent images are missing, including the image above, the Facebook and twitter logo at the bottom of each page.

fwiw, I also just had this issue posting a photo in my Super Beef thread on the Boston board. Photo looked fine in the preview, but then the post just posted the filename.

Fixed. I forgot about a setting. Once I fixed that, the images (which was stored on the server just fine) are now served properly on the screen.

ETA: I think the avatars are still not showing on the screen. Have to figure that out. Probably something similar.

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the avatars i have to take the site down for 20 minutes to reconfigure something. since its not urgent, i will just do that late at night tonight.

who knew serving a webpage from a network of servers is so complicated.

haha. thanks a lot for doing the dirty work!

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iphone 8 seems to have some issues with the page. other phones seem to be ok. in any case, i am going to do some adjustments tonight.

You’re doing an amazing job, and thank you! My emojis aren’t showing up though. :kissing_heart:

Thanks a lot for the fixes!

The issue on the latest OS on iPhone is gone now.

Certain avatars are still broken. See image below.

Try reloading. I tested from a few locations, and they all seem to load avatars ok…

FYI some pictures and emojis still seem to be broken - e.g. notice some of the emojis and pictures near the bottom of this thread: What Did You Drink Today (non-wine) #1?

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