What’s for Dinner #25 - 09/2017 - the Autumnal Edition

Happy Cake Day @emglow101 !!!

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I just have a box of Little Debbie Swiss rolls. Do they count as cake ? I love them.


I am home from a week of blue corn and chilis. I do need to write up all the meals that we had over that week. I had some really good food, and a few misses. The high end dining that we had planned didn’t work out, so I only enjoyed more traditional [and filling] offerings.

Back to real life. Need to feed the rye starter; hard cook some eggs, get the ciabatta poolish going again, and make some hamburger buns. Oh, and ferment some yogurt.


I was not paying enough attention to the weather for today… I biked to work and was a hot mess before i even got to my desk! Really humid too. Iiiiiiccck.
I needed salad for dinner but that sounded lame, so i made an old standby- this chickpea and sunflower seed salad, but i skip the dill and add furikake. Also skip the sweetner and added in super fine diced red onion.
I put a scoop of that on my salad greens and used some cucumber slices and bell pepper to scoop it up. My homemade ginger lemon kombucha a la carte!


Thai red chicken curry with eggplant and fresh herbs from the garden (green and purple basil, lemongrass, chive, cilantro, peppers)


I overdid today, but ended with a dinner worth eating. After a week of primarily restaurant food, I didn’t want meat. After a week of corn, I wanted bread. So, a focaccia dough with toppings. One had sausage, caramelized onions, roasted garlic, mozzarella, fresh tomatoes [last from the garden] and parmesan. The other one has the roasted garlic, tomatoes, ricotta salt [not a good choice], and parmesan. The latter bread needed more oil/moisture, while the former was just delicious.


The few things we ate this week. My take on Dan Dan noodles.
Maybe next time, I will add some peanut paste…


Vietnamese black fungus with chicken, with fermented black pepper and nuoc mam, delish. (recipe here)

Pea sprouts with garlic

Gloomy day today, both the weather and computer problem.
Tart with mixed vegetable (olives, tomatoes, mushrooms, capers, arugula, red onion, garlic) cheese (mozzarella and goat cheese) cured ham and puffy crust.


That tart looks phenomenal…!

Worked late last night, but managed to avoid eating my hand before i got home thanks to a packet of subway platform vendor pretzels.
I seared some cubed tofu til the edges were golden and then added a good splash of soy vay, meanwhile shredded some nappa cabbage which i sautéed with sesame oil and soy sauce , added the sad last half serving of trader joe’s japanese fried rice. Everything ended up in the same bowl and i crumbled a few sheets of nori over it. Maybe ten min start to finish.

Tonight was long overdue drinks and dinner with my awesome coworker/friend in koreatown- we have traveled to seoul together and were talking about how much we are looking forward to the next trip in a few months because the food was amazing everywhere we went.
They give you a fresh homemade tofu starter, and we ordered the sparkling rice wine makgeolli. Shared the mushroom pancake which was crammed with so many mushrooms i am surprised it help together! And lots of great banchan, i doubt the delicious daikon kimchi was actually vegetarian but sometimes i just don’t ask so let’s pretend it was.
It was just chilly enough i wanted stew and got the vegetarian tofu classic with some veggies in it and lots of their homemade tofu. My coworker went with the spicy pork and tofu plate. Delicious meal in good company with enough rice wine and venting i’ll be able to properly enjoy my weekend


Totally forgot to take pictures. Tonight I made a Chinese Pork and Pickled Mustard Greens Noodle Soup. I add some of the stern mother beans with chili oil for some kick. He ate the whole bowl; me? I was only able to eat about a half bowl.


We had company last night, made shrimp, anchovy , chipotle and adobo sauce tomato feta served with rice. Guest told my son it was the best food he has ever had
However, forgot to take pictures!!

Tonight, I am just surviving on my smoked pastrami salmon again because son went out with poms for dinner .
Am making pot sticker, siomai with firm tofu ,shrimp pork but am out of scallions, so I added some of the fried scallions I have which I usually use for garnish . It is in fridge for wrapping tomorrow as I made a ton to freeze.
still have a piece of tofu left , maybe I will fry that tomorrow.
I love those pickled mustard green ( finely chopped ) added to pork ball for soup.


An old Friday favorite, chicken Parmesan. It really hit the spot last night.

Tonight is the usual scotch egg Saturday, tonight with a pesto mayo. Followed by cinnamon apples over yogurt and hopefully rest. It’s 3am, went I to bed at 12am and am on call today so fingers crossed for putting my feet up at some point and getting sleep.


love this using SEE Kenji Lopez’s recipe for the best parmesan chicken and best red sauce! Make the red sauce and freeze them in batches

Nice dinners, everyone.

I miss my own food! Not being able to eat my own food (like at home) is one of the things I don’t like about travelling to a country not known for its food. The animals and spectacular nature here make up for it, though.

Just got back to the capital this afternoon. Didn’t have internet access until now, hence my absence on the forum. Tomorrow I’m off to the coast for a week then back to the capital again to fly home.

Also, gutted that my most-used camera has died (yesterday). Using my bird-spying camera now and it’s no good for food photos. One of the last photos made with the now dead camera the other day: amongst the dunes in the middle of nowhere.


Even its last photo is still stunning. Salutation with due respect!

Continue to have fun with the trip. The best part, no internet!

Thanks, it was a last minute invention.

Love the Buchimgae! I want Korean food now!

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Loin lamb chops, tsatziki, mushrooms lathara, green beans, shepherds salad, pilafi,


–Driver’s license renewed at AAA. (although a typical crappy picture).
–Taking Mom on various errands in the pouring rain.
–Some work this afternoon. More tonight.

Not Accomplished:
–Heirloom apple picking. I’ll pick apples in a misty rain. I won’t do so in a pouring rain. So I guess I’ll be buying what I can at my local farm stand this year.

Dinner was the first real cooking I’ve done in 6 days: a pork tenderloin, seasoned with olive oil, salt, and Herbs de Provence and roasted with some apple cider mixed with apple cider syrup in the bottom of the roasting pan, and spooned over for a glaze.

Baby potatoes roasted in olive oil, salt, garlic-herb mix, and sauteed carrots, corn, peas and red bell pepper with minced thyme and Aleppo pepper.



It was a lot cooker today than it has been the past few weeks so i wanted a hot meal. I loooove love the espinacas con garbanzos from SK although i tweak the recipe a bit- i use twice the spinach, skip the bread part (which i think dulls the flavor a bit) and usually use a bit less oil and more garlic. I used some frozen chickpeas i had cooked from dry a while back as well as the cooking liquid they were frozen in so the dish was very saucy in a good way. Really delicious! I’ll have the leftovers for breakfast with a glob of greek yogurt for the next few mornings.


I recreated a dish that my friend had ordered while we ate our way across Santa Fe: Carne Adovada. I served it with some Blue Corn Cakes and black beans. Sadly, my pictures look awful! We placed a cake on our plates, and then placed some of the Carne Adovada on top with the beans on the side. My husband remembered that this tasted like a buffalo dish he had at the Smithsonian Museum of Native Americans. Finally, I knew what it reminded me of. I wish the pictures were not so nasty but here they are:

Carne Adovada

Black beans with pork fat and onions

Blue Corn Cakes

My very dark plate

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
Credit: Juan Antonio Segal, Flickr