Silliness & Food Funnies 2021

The products sometimes look better than the advertised photos.

Almond bee-sting cake

Some kind of matcha Swiss roll?

Japanese ice-cream. Looks just like the photo.


Put the corn( husks and all) in sealed packages.

They know

How beer kegs are transported to restaurants at (ski) resorts. I saw in a documentary they use a helicopter to lift a bunch of kegs.


Looks like it’s gonna take a while. I would eat dinner first.


I’m sure the dimensions are listed

The perfect fridge doesn’t exi…

Car got a second life. They kept the wheels, too.

Lodging has a “kitchenette”


Bad food days happen

Hair in corn dog


I want Want WANT that lazy Susan fridge! LOL

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You know its really not a bad idea. I’m 5’2" and my fridge is very deep. I have a lot of trouble getting to the stuff in the back of the top shelf!

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Hmmm…I grew up in New Jersey. :thinking:



My wife is a Jersey girl.

There is no science in New Jersey. Source of frustration.

Again with this? We’ve been through it already. Remember? Stevens Institute, etc.

Subway surely feels picked on.

(Food) perfection


Note to self.
(My snacks are not in the fridge or freezer.)

My new car air freshener

People shoplift these? Kind of hard to hide.

In the voice of Bania, replace “soup” with "salad. “Salad is not a meal!”

Meanwhile, in Italy…

The Bania soup clip:



This may be my favorite post of the year :heart_eyes:


[quote=“gaffk, post:193, topic:23572”]
This may be my favorite post of the year

Mine too

I found Reddit sub r/stupid food.

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Notice how happy the elderly woman looks!

Another one in Italy (a while back, but what does it matter).

Police mows lawn

Do the dishes (no need for the selfie, though).

Where I live the police clock off at 5pm just like everyone else. You rarely see them on the street or driving round. Apparently, they have lots of “paperwork” to do so they don’t really have time to do “policing”. So good luck trying to call emergency number in the evening.

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In an old neighborhood there was a very elderly lady who would drag her lawn mower out of the garage every day, Spring through Fall, and mow one strip across her lawn and then back. By the time she finished it was time to start again. I went down to introduce myself and offered to mow her lawn for her. I figured it would take half an hour once a week. She was grateful but told me it was her only real source of exercise.

So every Spring I went down to change the oil, fill the gas tank and her little can, and sharpen the blade. In the Fall I drained the tank and carburetor bowl, and cleaned the bottom. She brought us a plate of cookies at Christmas.

Not sure if this should be here or in the Nostalgia thread.


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Bad food day happens…

Make sure they pack your sauces so good nothing would happen if they drop the box from the plane.

Stepped on the damn dog behind me!

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold