Silliness & Food Funnies 2021

I forgot to start a new thread last year so it’s time for a new one. The clock is ticking away here and fast. I can think of only one thing worth toasting to and it’s my health. The year I appreciate every thing I’ve got, especially my health!

Wishing you all much happiness and more than anything, good health in the new year!

OMG. Just so glad I didn’t catch anything. I was in Sicily around this time last year. Then I got back from Mexico in the third week of Feb and the world descended into chaos shortly after.




I had a kidney stone over 20 years ago so I know the pain.

We got an unexpected gift of time this year.


There’s too much blood in my alcohol stream this year

The people who flout rules are also to blame, though.

My dyslexic arse thinking. But it is what it is.

Stay safe have some more patience, everyone!


New year “resolutions” again?

Now this is my kind of “dry January”!


This was in the news recently:

New kind of meanie

Or buy 2 and pay for both



Got these teas as a Christmas gift.


Your partner and you just have to split this for dinner.

Spark plugs in the lobster for more weight. Is there any way to check if it’s been tampered with, though?

Old photo in Life mag

Seinfeld/Kramer fan works here

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Half a Brussel’s sprout is better than none.

Never seen these big plastic jars here. Used to eat Sriracha for years and years and then one day I couldn’t stand it anymore. Only tasted the overpowering garlic.

How do I tip out just a little bit on my plate?

Tomato thief exits. Find another spot next time, on the windowsill behind the glass maybe, unless the sun doesn’t reach that far.

State codes indicate where your eggs come from.


Unless it’s a sheep dog … baaaaabushka…

New pizza restaurant:

Forno Good Reason
(our service will wow you, but our wood-fired oven will keep you coming back!)

Is Barbie clean, though? Toys are germ traps.

Child’s cake drawing realised

Married life

What I did after watching MasterChef

^^ Piling up the plate. How uncultured, I know.


Meanwhile in Finland

The fact that they have to put up this sign

But I don’t have the space. The fridge or gas range in the average American kitchen is half of my kitchen.

Did NotJ order this? He’s a big fan of Subway…

Now enjoy your treat in peace.

Taxpayers’ money is a bottomless pit (what my government thinks)

Eggslut in Japan. The styling is over the top but there are many ingredients in this burger anyhow. Almost US$20.

On the bus. It must be normal somewhere.

Wish it were that simple. I love brassica vegetables.

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Bernie sure gets around! #memecraze

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Then how is the crust formed?

:pray: :+1:

Almost impossible in the West

How much discount would you get?


I would pay a 10% up-charge.

Is that on the way in or out? If in, definitely 50%. Maybe 100%, if I squish. Not on the way out, though! I love Mongolian Barbecue.

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Glass lids and plates/oven dishes. Aren’t they supposed to be heat resistant? Quality control?