Silliness & Food Funnies 2019

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Turns out my internet connection is OK (for Moroccan standards). Only 2 more hours or so and it’s new year.

Who thinks this is a good idea when sitting down to eat? Not for me.

Another odd idea, in Vietnam.

Nausea-inducing creature.

But I was born yesterday.

Happy new year, everyone! :balloon::firecracker::sparkler::fireworks::confetti_ball::boom:

Silliness (2018 Thread)
Silliness (2018 Thread)

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I need these automatic cheese dispensers in my neighbourhood.


Is it that bad? I know it’s highly processed.

Make a new label already.

One bite of chocolate.

(Chris) #4

I wasn’t aware of this phenomenon but happened to take this photo in London a few weeks ago.

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PB, I sometimes see photos of people giving food to squirrels. These days they don’t only eat nuts and seeds, but also pizza, crisps, or whatever the feeders happen to eat. The squirrels where I live are not so tame. They escape quickly when they run into you.

Mushroom looks like a doughnut?

Offensive or silly?

Fried food specialist.

Another with a creative name.


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Cats do it also :smile_cat:

Be careful, you could get flying fat or filling in your eyes.

Be careful, again.

Probably too much baking powder.

Why? Pringles suck.