Silliness (2018 Thread)

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Add yours, too.


I have seen a similar service here for beer

Nasty! :@)) :@))


This truck blatantly blew a red light in front of me on my way home last year. I gave him points for brand integrity. :wink:


I want to participate, but I don’t have any funny photo.

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At my local tofu stand:

Yeah, good funny food photos don’t come by easily. When I come across 1 I save it, for fun, and now I post them here. :smiley:

Cheeky name!
I looked up their web site. Wish we could have more businesses like this one.

LOL… I like it.
Is the whisky any good, you know?

A couple more:

This is a real German word.


But I think they mean this glass

Someone got tricked

Do babies often do this? S/He reminds me of an animation character on German telly called Mainzelmännchen.

Mainzelmännchen looks something like this. The short animations are aried between segments to amuse and relax.

I find Defiant Whisky to be a bit rough (sorta like the driver!), but the story was amusing enough to make me buy a bottle to see for myself. I’ll have to try it again against one of our favorites to see if I stand by that assessment.

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I hate those Mainzelmännchen with a passion. But I do a good impression of them :sunglasses:

I hate to introduce a note of seriousness into this thread but…

The truck is advertising “American Whisky”. I thought Americans usually had it as “whiskey” - am I wrong?

From what I’ve read, you’re correct, but Maker’s Mark (bourbon), for example, is whisky (no E). Jack Daniels, on the other hand, adds an E. I can only conclude we are wildly inconsistent. Cheers just the same. Now go find something funny to share. :wink:

And Johnnie Walker is whisky and Dad’s Hat is whiskey. Maybe Americans just don’t know how to spell?

HA, I was leaning in that direction–or maybe enough alcohol makes peepl spell not so good. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, where else would the chow be?

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From my download collection of such things …


Yeah, but Johnnie Walker is British so it would be whisky.

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New to me. WMF has at least 1 shop in almost every town in Germany.

Back to being silly now


The “W” appears to have been painted over?

Why did I think that was an American brand?:flushed: Hmm . . . Maybe it’s a good thing I’a a Jameson’s Irish Whiskey person?

I totally believe my trust issues are also the result of raisins masquerading as chocolate chips.


Dominatrix seafood?


Looks like it. But why, I can’t imagine.