Silliness (2018 Thread)

^^ Haha… that’s how I cook. No measuring and no following recipes (to the letter).

That’s probably half a jar of mayo.

A new case for the food safety control board.

Me also!

Someone orders orange juice at this hipster restaurant. Should cost half the price if I press the oranges myself.


Dining out with DH … his favorite tee shirt :confused:
ps maybe time to start a new thread, seeing reposts

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My cat once received an order for a case of food, addressed to her, that I did not order included in delivery was a magazine subscription for a cat related publication … I wonder :thinking:


Srsly … found the picture I took and edited out our last name

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Yes, please start a new Silly thread. Add the year to it so we don’t get confused.

Makes sense to start new in 2019 … between the two of us we should remember, if you think it should start right away go for it !

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Only a couple of weeks left. If you remember then do it. I don’t know how good my internet connection is around that time (I’ll be staying in a small town in a developing country).

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The place for someone who can’t decide where to eat. It has beer and meat. Most people want that.

They have McD’s kiosk in China now.

This is in the UK. Probably easier to deal with this is grow a beard/moustache?

Love the in flight beer keg. Mid flight line to the bathroom could get pretty long though


As per Tommy Chong … lol so true, so true


I have them too! My little niece adores them.

This cracked me up…

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That guy looks like Emmanuel Macron.

Could be, with the way things are going for him I"m sure he’s looking into his post political options!

I think it is mocking him, he isn’t answering the cashier at all (like in reality). And notice the line “I hate violence”.

Well you took this a bit deeper than I, it just made me giggle.

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BTW, I think there is new thread on this.

Ohhhhh I see!! My bad!! Ok let me do some housekeeping!!! Thanks for the heads up.