SF Saturday dining suggestions

Hello: I live in South Bay and I am looking for a Sat lunch/brunch idea in SF, that does not serve sandwiches, burgers, or boring factory-processed omelettes/pancakes–in short, no mundane suburb stuff. I would like to eat a cooked-to-order meal. If there are no ideas, then my resorts are Good Mong Kok dim sum and some pastry shops. I know these are not cooked-to-order and not even a full meal, but at least the food tastes darn good and not just SYSCO-produced junk.

Some places are:
–Great pastries shops: Les Gourmands, Craftsman+Wolves, some Russian bakeries, Tartine, Mission Pie

  • Protein heavyweight: Belcampo (for their non-burger items)
    -Light + quick: Mission Pie, Good Mong Kok

All ideas are appreciated. Thanks!

Some thoughts:

aina seems to be popular for brunch, though I haven’t been during brunch.

If you are going to be in Chinatown, joints that serve congee and noodles.

I like Sunday at the Museum.

And also all the Vietnamese/ Thai joints in the Tenderloin, including but not restricted to:

and Tuyet Mai, Ha Nam Ninh, Lers Ros, etc. (But dependent how south in the South Bay you are in, Vietnamese may be of less interest to you.)

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Thanks. I went to Le Marais. This place is awesome. Great food (not just sandwiches), fantastic pastries (get sould out early!), cozy ambience, and friendly service.
Will be back!

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