[SF] Asian Art Museum new cafe: Sunday At The Museum now open

Has anyone tried the new cafe at Asian Art Museum: Sunday At The Museum? Started by The Boba Guys and Chef Deuki Hong of Sunday Bird it opened Tuesday, April 3, 2018. You can go to the cafe & gift shop without paying for the museum so I’ll be there soon to check it out., but hope others can go before I do. Soon a guided tea tasting, Ice cream from Garden Creamery and pastries from Craftsmen and Wolves!!

Milk Buns
steamed or fried served with honey butter dip

Fried Chicken Wings
soy glaze

Imperial Rolls

Bao Sandwiches
Served with fries on a bao bun

Sunday’s Fried Chicken Sandwich
Spicy or regular

”Bunh” Mi

Salad/Grain Bowl
Burmese Tea Leaf Salad

Asian Pear Salad

Shrimp Grain Bowl with Sesame Ginger Miso

Oyakodon (Mushroom/Chicken)

Garlic Noodles

Pork Katsu

Khao Man Gai

Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches

Matcha Fortune Cookies

EaterSF has more details:

Menu with prices:

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Is it just a name? Or are they open only on Sundays?

That’s the name of the place"Sunday at the Museum", they are open whenever the museum is open:
Tues-Sun 10am-5pm, and Thurs 10am-9pm

I didn’t try anything (this time). Here’s a pic of the pastry selection.

Hip menu, quality ingredients, menu pulls from various Asian(/American) cuisines and is supposed to rotate items. SF MOMA’s In Situ aside, I can’t think of a museum whose food interests me as much.

The Korean fried chicken is delicious and crunchy. The chicken pieces are large, one piece in particular, a labyrinth of crispy skin, had more to chew on than two other pieces combined. The sauce is mild, a shade tangy, and used with restraint. It isn’t the super brittle, almost translucent skinned-style.

Bunh mi came with kim chi fries or a side salad. Really flavorful pork. Toasting the inside of the bao elevated this beyond a cliche fusion gua bao. It could have used more pickled veggies, and a longer pickling time too.

Kim chi fries were good, but I’m glad I didn’t order them a la carte— they’re not topped with kimchi as expected, but simply fries tossed with sliced scallions and a dry chili seasoning.

The funky flavor of tea leaves is minimal in their version of Tea leaf salad, and it’s more akin to the tea leaf dressing with greens style you can get at Burma Superstar, albeit with better quality greens and vegetables. Taking a step back from the dish’s inspiration, it’s a great salad, full of life, crunch, and acidity.

Kids rice bowl came with an unannounced Choco Pie (unpictured)

For dessert we got a Craftsmen & Wolves strawberry Kouign Amann. C&W’s pastries have their fans, but their constructions continue to beffudle me. A few months ago I got a Kouign Amann whose filling (lemon custard?) filled the height of the tall pastry and seemed to be replenished with each bite. In contrast, their strawberry Kouign Amann had a small pinball of strawberry jam placed at the top center of the pastry, underneath a macaron, impossible to get to without unhinging your jaw. I wound up tearing off pastry and dipping into the jam, a concentrated fruity prize.

Hong Kong milk tea, made by Boba Guys’ with an organic condensed milk and homemade boba, was great. Getting this stuff without the long lines of their other locations is reason enough to stop in the museum, and a great strategy to appeal to a younger clientele.


I really liked my meal at Sunday at the Museum! It reminds me of the best of Kumino, another place with buns and noodles in Mountain View before it closed (and just reopened elsewhere), and its certainly on par with that.

First, get a big chopstick sticker from the ticket booth that you can put on yourself without paying museum admission. It was fleet week and SF had other stuff going on, so the museum and the restaurant was very empty. I think normally with a line at the door, its best to walk in and just ask for the stickers.

Fried chicken sandwich with a side of kim chi fries: The sandwich was very good with caramelized onion and an aioli plus what looked like some pickled vegetables. Delicious. I agree with Hyperbowler that the kimchi fries was mild. In fact, I couldn’t really detect much kimchi flavors. Its freshly fried, though.

The butternut miso toast. Also very good with a squash puree and a bunch of mushrooms and microgreen on top of a heavily toasted bread. Delicious.

The garlic prawn noodles. Great chewy noodle texture with some parmesan sprinkled on top and shrimps on the side. Great garlicky flavors from a seemingly simple dish that took the throne of garlic noodle from Kumino (and I had Kumino’s version the next day). The best dish of the meal.

The coconut curry noodle. Also great dish. Al dente noodles in a perfectly harmonic and delicate coconut curry. The curry was so good that my wife and I ended up drinking them all. As much as we liked the coconut noodle soup at Hawker Fare we didn’t drink the broth.

After the meal, my wife commented that the meal might end up being better than the dinner she planned for that evening at a higher price point. And she turned out to be right even though that dinner was pretty good also. Dishes were pretty pricey. Noodle portion was on the small side. If I work around the Civic Center and eat this for lunch, I’d need more than one of the noodle dishes to fill up, and that would get pricey quickly. But I’d gladly eat this as a weekend tourist to the city. The quality is obvious.

In the words of my young daughter- ‘this is not museum food’.

Thanks @hhc and @hyperbowler for writing up about the place. Highly recommended. What other dishes do people like?


Craftsman and Wolves pastry selection:

Because the museum was somewhat quiet that day, the cafe was also tranquil. Spacious space (for that day).