September 2023 Cookbook of the Month Nominations

I am, Caitlin. I am just in the process of moving… again and, hopefully, for the last time in a long time. It’s been a weird move. And I haven’t had access to much of my kitchen. And I actually have reports for previous COTMs I need to post as well. But I also have houseguest as I am moving. So, I am super behind on everything not related to moving and hosting. And during all of this, my oldest son got into a car accident totaling his car. No one was hurt, thankfully, but dealing with this from several states away has taken a fair bit of attention. His car, because it was so old, was the worst off and would cost more to repair than it was worth. Anyway, I have been busy and distracted. And food has been grab and go or quick non-cookbook meals.

Also, thank you so much for shepherding COTM with Mel and a few others. I so appreciate it. And I am sorry my participation doesn’t reflect how much I value what you do and have been doing for COTM. I hope to get my cooking mojo back as soon as I get my kitchen unboxed. And a few other things even out and my life becomes less hectic.

ETA: NJChicaa- You and your family are in my thoughts.


I’m so sorry for your loss. I am having a similar experience with my brother dying last night. I am also still interested in COTM but life is definitely getting in the way right now.


Sending sympathy to you and NJChica. So sorry for your losses.

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I’m so sorry, NJChicaa.

Oh gosh, I’m so sorry, Mary.

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Very sorry for your loss @pavlova.

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I am so sorry, Mary. The passing of a parent is so acutely painful, but I can’t even imagine what losing a sibling must feel like. Definitely, holding you and your family in my thoughts.

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Thank you. I am at my mom’s to support her. I can’t imagine losing a child. She has a big family who have been wonderful and we are all working to support my sister-in-law, niece and nephew. Today we are making cabbage rolls with tomato sauce from the last of the garden tomatoes.


My condolences to @NJChicaa and @pavlova.

As for COTM, of course I want to see it continue. I’m not a big fan of the idea of going to a quarterly selection, like DOTQ and COTQ. The reason is that a cookbook is much more limited in scope than a dish and especially a cuisine. If we pick a book that doesn’t work for someone (or anyone) we are stuck with it for a whole quarter, and we will lose people if they drop out for that long. The Keller books are a good example. I know quite a few of you like them. But for me, there is nothing there. I don’t like the style of cooking, it isn’t vegan-friendly at all, and it isn’t the kind of food that can be adapted. There is a reason I gave away my Keller books years ago. So I really, really don’t want to see another month of Keller.

I’ve had a lot going on myself in recent months, and have been out of town a lot, and that has taken my focus off COTM and my other food groups. Still cooking, but not taking the time as often to post about it, and not wanting to commit time to food where I have to struggle to make the recipes fit my needs. But where I have really let things go, and owe everyone an apology, is the cat herding task of organizing the coordinators. Which means either @CaitlinM or I have just done the posts when we remember and notice they aren’t up yet. That isn’t sustainable, and I’ll try to get something going with additional coordinators going forward.

I don’t see that a post for October has been made yet, it’s getting late, but I think we can still squeeze it in. Caitlin, would you go ahead and make the post? Or I can if you are busy. Message me (maybe on FB instead of here) and let me know.


Okay, let’s nominate for October.

i agree about it not being a 3 month thing. I am not a fan of Asian cuisines (yes I know there are many and no I’m really not a fan of any) so that would knock me out for months. I always want to participate if the book I voted for wins. Life happens, though, so I just didn’t get to do TK month #2.

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