SCANDINAVIAN - Cuisine of the Quarter, Spring 2021 (Apr-June)

I get the shows on Amazon prime tv .

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Thanks folks!

Nah. All in good fun. Or just take it that way and it will be :slight_smile:

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Is no one going to mention the IKEA-lephant in the room? Ok I’ll go there!

I love me some Ikea Swedish meatballs… go ahead, laugh, but you know they’re delicious!

I don’t know if their potato/broccoli patties are actually Swedish, but they’re on my favorites list too.

And wouldn’t you know - Ikea recently released a PDF cookbook for using food scraps too.

And that meatball recipe.


I am Norwegian, but really don’t know any savory dishes. We have done some baking, and I had fun making a kransekake for Christmas. It looked really great, but I wasn’t that excited about the taste of the cookies themselves. I’m wondering if I could make it with a shortbread recipe for a better taste next time.


I have half a bag of said meatballs in my freezer right now!

Also bought a bag of their whole grain rye bread mix, have yet to try it.


This looks like a work of art!

I made turkey Swedish meatballs with lingonberry sauce last fall, on American Thanksgiving . The largest Polish store in town sells Swedish lingonberry sauce. The turkey version turned out very good!


I use ground turkey a lot at home. And I’ve been buying the chicken meatballs from Ikea - they’re good!

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I live 120 miles from the closest Ikea, and unfortunately, that’s one place that is also packed with crowds! But will check if the Cdn Ikeas carry chicken meatballs some day!

I’ve only bought frozen beef meatballs once- and they were so so, so I’ve been making my own. :slight_smile:




I made gluten free / GF aebleskivers (as a doughnut replacement). Used this food52 recipe but I think this Bob’s recipe might be the next try.

No-one wanted them stuffed, so I coated some with powdered sugar and the rest with a vanilla glaze. The glaze was preferred.

I think powdered sugar would have worked better with a jam filling - I may make a few with strawberry jam next time.

(I used my Indian paniyaram pan, which seems identical to an aebleskiver pan, go figure. )


Made several times the meatballs with the IKEA recipe, love it! There is a rather unconventional ingredient of soy sauce, but it adds unami.

I checked out the food scraps pdf, interesting.


As soon as I saw your Indian pan @Saregama, I realized it looked so close to my abelskiver pan, that I had at least a dual use pan. Score! Think it may also work for the famous Japanese dish…? Dunno.


Fabulous potatoes!

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I tried the IKEA meatballs and thought they were terrible, both with and without the gravy, which is over the top salty. The meatballs themselves taste less meaty than TJ’s meatless meatballs, and would benefit from garlic and/or onion.

Here are cooking videos from Norwegian yarn designers, Arne & Carlos. The lutefisk one explains how to avoid a jelly consistency, and different traditional ways to serve it. Plus, they are just really enjoyable to watch. If you put cooking into the search box at, a playlist of their kitchen programs will come up.

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I will try these at some point, which include allspice.

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WOW ! Truly fabulous craftsmanship.

As with a goodly number of spices, it’s common in North European dishes and has been for centuries.

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

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