Safe to eat cheese left in garage?

This packaged cheese was inadvertently left in our garage for a few very hot days. If it matters, it was never opened. Meant to go in the garage mini-fridge but didn’t…I guess. Most things I’d just toss but wondering if a packaged cheese is different. Thoughts?

It’s probably okay, but for the cost of a package of cheese, is it worth the risk?

The texture will be all greasy and funky at best…

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I’m with Sunshine thinking the texture will be awful.

I forgot a big block of parmesan, probably 1 kg in the garage for a few weeks , it was packaged sous vide. We ate the whole thing, didn’t get sick at all. But yours are already sliced, so it is different. Tried to smell and taste if it is alright.

Edit: it was forgotten for 2 months, the parmesan was 30 month old.

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If this was a wedge of organic West Country farmhouse cheddar, I’d be saying that it’ll be fine.

But it’s cheese slices which I’d throw in the bin.

Returning from France a few years back, we bought cheese in the supermarket, staying that night in Calais. Got the ferry next morning, arriving home late afternoon. We had a very stinky car. And the cheese felt quite soft - so we stuck it in the fridge for an hour or so and it was fine. Well, when I say “fine”, I don’t mean in perfect condition but perfectly edible.

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Yup. It’s pretty limp even after being back in the house for a couple of hours. Bin it is!!!

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“When in doubt throw it* out”

(* except if you doubt your children or their future, please do NOT throw out your children)


Actually much as I love them, I believe children need to move out at 18 for everyone’s mental health and proper development. I am happy to subsidize their rent rather than have them in the basement until they are 30.

When they move out this has the added bonus that they have to cook for themselves, so you have all the fun of picking out and helping them outfit their kitchen. Eventually, you will also be able to trade recipes with them. It’s a win win.

Well it was organic colby jack, so in the cheese universe probably not a great loss.

Now that parmesan @naf on the other hand…

Situations like this i just think if as paying approx $3 -$5 to NOT get really sick.
And a few days vs a few hours is a big difference.
So not worth the risk.