We love Cheese!

Great to know that. Actually people here rarely talk about the AM Cantin shop, it seems to have a better international reputation than local.

Laurent Dubois (MOF) which we frequent, stocks with best Comté you can find in town.

Some of the best cheese shops in Paris: http://www.lexpress.fr/styles/saveurs/les-dix-meilleurs-fromagers-de-paris_1719820.html#comments

Do you own a girolle? If yes, does it worth the investment?

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I do not, tho I think my mom used to have one. It’s probably only worth it if you eat that cheese all the time.

Yeah, I guess one can always try to use a knife to achieve this effect.

A piece of Swiss Alps on my plate. eur.20/kg. This wedge costs eur.8

Organic, unpasteurised cheese coated with hay, grass and blossoms. Very nice! You really taste all of that.


Show some respect! This is not a cheese that only use grated on pasta or cooking but a real 30 month old Parmigiano Reggiano! So good that we kept cutting another slice and ate with yet another piece of bread.

This piece more than 1kg is 19€, we got a good price buying from a co-op.


Forgot to say, actually bought it in early June with other Italian stuff, but it was forgotten in the storage and no fridge!

So to confirm, at room temperature and sous-vide, the cheese is still very eatable though it was starting sweating a bit inside the plastic. Sorry cheese, I should have treated you better.


I finished a small wheel of a Vermont Creamery cheese called Cremont last night - it was VERY ripe and soft. Lovely grassy flavor with a great creamy texture. Tonight I just had a slice of 3-year white cheddar and a glass of chenin blanc for dessert.


We have several cheeses in the fridge that we are eating these days: the creamy Norman Petit Pont l’Evêque AOP from E Graindorge, Gruyère IGP from the French side, Bethmale by Jean Faup from the southern western Pyrénées, Abondance AOC from the Alps in Haute-Savoie and lastly Cru des alpes, also from the same region. All used also unpasteurised milk. All hard cheeses except Pont l’Evêque where is close to Camembert.

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No cooking projects this weekend and I’m off to a tap-takeover beer tasting event shortly. I’ve been eating these for breakfast, lunch and snack. Turning off electricity tomorrow so no elaborate meals til I fook off.

By a trappist monastery, contains strong beer in it ("Isid’Or). Market stallholder says it’s goat’s cheese but I checked on the web which then stated cow’s milk. Still tastes good.

Creamy, runny, nutty.

Oozing fast i this warm room

Semi hard

Another semi hard

“Bread of the month” from the windmill bakery near my house.

Bread porn


Came across this French cheese map from Vinepair.


Last cheese in Montreal. Look forward to eating French cheese when I get home!

Very creamy and soft but something is missing…

From this weekend. Chaource has a new label now (top right corner).

Half an hour later everything became a lot softer. 4 of them tried to run off. Now you know I usually use wax paper underneath.

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Brillat Savarin, finally! I would have liked to compare Délice de Bourgogne and this next to each other. Have had both a couple of times before but never at the same time. I prefer Brillat Savarin.

I got 2!


Affineur Dutch black betty gouda and Roldolphe Meunier 15 mo comte. Both pretty good.

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Aged goat’s cheese/Gouda is great and I won’t eat anything “Gouda” that isn’t. Found Betty Koster’s twitter site. They have some French cheeses (as seen on their site). Unfortunately, they are nowhere near me and they don’t ship.

I tried to check on Rodolphe Meunier, he got the title of Best Cheesemonger in France. I’m jealous of you, cannot find his cheese easily in Paris (except in a café).

But then 48 euro/kg for 15 months…hmmm

Unfortunately around 50 euro / kg for better cheese is pretty much the going price at the better cheesemongers around here. How much is it around Paris for similar stuff?

Yeah, isn’t in infuriating when Americans have better access to European things than we do?! :astonished:

I bought it in a food expo, so it’s direct from the producer, for 47euro / kg we could have the 36 mo comté

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold