Let’s say the prices on roasts (beef chuck, pork butt) were REALLY GOOD at Whole Foods, and so you bought 3 of each. How would you cook them? I need some ideas!
Here’s what I have planned and for the rest, it’s all up in the air.

  1. Smoked pulled pork.
  2. Japanese beef curry.
  3. Some kind of hearty beef and veg soup with grains to have sitting in the fridge for lunches.


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Chuck roast makes the best pot roast. Or beef barley soup, with or without mushrooms.

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Yes, beef barley is sort of what I was thinking with #3 above.

Add tomato sauce, cheese, and pepperoni to the roast?

I go slow and low in a crockpot. Let the meat break down in the gravy. Serve with crusty bread or pasta.


In younger days in KC, 7 bone roasts were the pot roast standard. I don’t see that particular cut at all out here in the far West.

Besides straight up pot roast, fellas, what else?

Pork souvlaki, beef satay, pork carnitas, Chile Colorado (beef), beef braised in beer, are a few I can think of @Sasha.


I suggest Cantonese style BBQ pork: char siu.


This is what Mom called goulash: In a heavy Dutch oven, brown chunks of beef chuck. However much the meat weighs, add the same weight of coarsely chopped or sliced onion. And a bay leaf plus 4 peppercorns for every pound of meat. Salt. Stir. Cover, cook on medium heat on stovetop or oven for several hours, until meat is very tender and the juices have reduced to the thickness of applesauce. If stovetop, stir every hour. If oven, stir after 2 hours, to submerge the crusty side of the meat. Simple but scrumptious. Similar to a carbonnade of beef but without alcohol.

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And chile verde for the pork roast.


Indeed, forgot that one, which is the best of all IMO @bbqboy!

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Yours looked wonderful and I’ll bet it tasted the same :relieved:

Thanks @bbqboy - you’re too kind! :sun_with_face:


This link may be helpful @Sasha. It has other ideas in it too, I think.

Posting my favorite Green Chile (Pork) recipe here today, am a terrible procrastinator…:scream_cat:

Another: Another thread for pork ideas


On the rare occasions we get a beef chuck roast, I’ll braise low it and slow with basic seasonings with the idea of portioning out the roast to use in different dishes.

Some might go into a beef and butternut squash chili. A beefy stew with pearl onions, petite peas, potatoes, and carrots. Or a shortcut Bolognese-ish pasta sauce with shreds of beef, tomato, onion, garlic, rosemary, and (optional) a generous slug of cream to finish.

Now I’m hungry.


Tuscan Roast Tenderloin of Pork …

I believe I have seen it, but not labeled that way.

Cochinita Pibil with the pork.

This might work as a substitute for the fresh juices. I’ve tried it, and it seems okay to me, but I’m no expert.