Roasted fruit

I have been roasting Bosc pears for awhile usually tossed with a warm spice mix, vanilla paste, olive oil and apple cider. Once fork tender, served warm with Greek yogurt.

During the summer, we enjoy grilled fruit but once we stow the outdoor equipment, the oven takes the task. That’s where Im at now, so…

Other than pears, which fruits do you roast and what is your prep method?


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I mix fruit with vegetables when roasting an assorted baking pan full. Everything gets tossed with a little olive oil. Seasoning stays simple since the assortment is spun off in different directions for meals during the week. Thyme and/or lemon salt is often the seasoning.

I place like with like on the baking sheet so I can easily remove items as they are done.

Rhubarb, pears, apples, lemons and grapes are my most frequently roasted fruits. Tomato too but I tend to think of it as a vegetable.

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Google Jacques Pepin’s Braised Caramelized Pears, which are luscious. The technique is equally good for apples, peaches, plums, apricots, and nectarines. Halves sprinkled with sugar, roasted at fairly high heat, then a drizzle of cream turns the juices into a decadent sauce.

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We roasted plums a couple of weeks back. Halved & stoned beforehand. They’re now portioned and frozen. I see fruit crumbles in my future. But I’ll use a few to make a Chinese - esque sauce for duck.

In the summer (on the rare occasions when the price of peaches/nectarines are not downright extortion) they get split and roasted with a little butter and honey drizzled into the hole left by the stone. Originally a “recipe” from Nigel Slater - I think from his “Real Fast Puddings” book.

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I love poach Bosc pear with pear brandy. It is a simple elegant dessert that an be made ahead of time . I also poach peaches. with peach brandy
Here. is a recipe from epicurious

Brandied Baked Pears

The pears can be poached up to 2 days ahead and kept in the poaching syrup in the fridge.
Alternately you can poach it on top of the stove.
To the poaching liquid, you can add vanilla bean, a twist of lemon.
This keep well in fridge for 2 days.
I use liquor de poire William eu cognac XO
David Lebovitz has a guide on how to poach pear on top of stove T14V4ttvTBWyr871iw3tUQ|525x700

top of the stove.
He quarters them but I think it is more elegant just halving them and leaving the stem intact, slicing the bottom so it is flat and can be served upright.

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somehow I uploaded picture of peach brandy but it is not there So, here it is again.

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A couple years back i remember making a salad for one of those gatherings where i had low expectations for other veg options.
It had roasted grapes- basically just red grapes tossed with salt/pepper, olive oil, and a little basalmic and then roasted until they’re a bit deflated and wrinkled. Wait until they are cool to eat one!! I still remember burning the bejeezus out of my mouth on molten grape innards.
Those were added to greens with roasted brussel sprouts, toasted walnuts, some quinoa, and lots of super thin sliced celery. I think I just did a vinegrette of some kind with it.


Fantastic. Great suggestions! I’m going to mull over each idea and buy more fruit!:smiley:

Roasted rhubarb oh my!

I def will. Thxs.

I am roasting plum next while I can still buy them this yr.

Great ideas! I have blackberry brandy I could use to poach pears.

Interesting salad fixins!

Sounds good! A good fix, I think for grapes that are too sour.


This time of the year I make baked apples. I use three of four different varieties, and make about 12 at a time. In a roasting pan, with some apple juice, cinnamon, a pinch of table salt, into a 400 degree oven until a toothpick inserted meets no resistance.

They are cooled. Often served with vanilla ice cream, and caramel sauce, or with just some Greek yogurt.
Aside from being delicious, they refrigerate well for a couple of days, and when baked the house smell fantastic!!


We enjoy baked apples as well. Grew up eating them as an after school treat. Roasted apple sauce was also popular in my family which was a scooped out baked apple sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.

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A classic British way with the baked apple is to core it and stuff the hole with raisins, then bake. I’d score round the apple skin to prevent it bursting.

It’d generally be a sour cooking apple, like a Bramley, rather than eating apples


I always like pan frying Granny Smith apples( that have been peeled, sliced thin) with olive oil and butter, then adding a pinch of salt, brown demerera sugar to taste depending on the sweetness but still like it to be slightly tangy , then finally apple pucker liquor till liquor is absorbed. It goes very well with pork tenderloin or duck.


Ha. . . “Other than pears. . .”
Thanks for starting this thread & all the side-notes on roasting pears, people! For years I’ve roasted them in red wine and sugar because the red wine reduction ends a steak dinner w/cheese course nicely but truth to tell the pear flesh isn’t always as flavorful as you’d wish. But they are so gosh-darn pretty shriveled and drizzled w/ruby-colored sauce. Now I have a whole new bunch of ideas for better flavor!


Dice apples (use a firm variety), peeled or not, into 1/2" cubes. Mix with real maple syrup spread on a buttered sheet pan, bake at 375F. Keep an eye on them, and stir if they aren’t cooking evenly. The goal is tender, golden flesh in a thick syrupy glaze. You can also do this in a wide pan on the stove. Spoon a little over pork, or use it to top ice cream or pound cake.