Rice pudding and other rice desserts

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I really don’t know. My Asian supermarkets here are pathetic considering we have one of the busiest container ports in.the.world! If you can find the yeast do give making fermented rice a go. The interesting thing about this is eating and “drinking” at the same time.

Maybe they even stock pots of ready made fermented rice at your Asian supermarkets. Check it first. Some Asian actually make it at home.

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I made these rice pudding popsicles and they are so good.

I cut up fresh local NJ peaches, donut variety was not avail.

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Tonight I gave making chocolate rice pudding a try. I liked it.


I use dark chocolate instead of milk and 60% called for. Once served in a bowl I topped the pudding with a few fresh raspberries. Its rich.

If you cant open the link, Goggle search has it elsewhere.

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Geez, it’s still summer!!! I need the temps to drop into the thirties = long walks & evenings w/toddies and such like. I’ll revisit this thread in two months w/total pleasure. Meanwhile, eating frozen fruit w/my negroni. :wink: But keep ‘em coming.

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Rice pudding I enjoy chilled. Do you eat it warm?

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Oh dear. I might eat it warm, but I have to cook it hot. :wink: It’s been variable here, not as hot as in May, but I really get into comfort food when the cold wind blows!

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Ah, that makes perfect sense. See you in two months😉

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Tonight, 4 cups coconut milk, 1 cup oat milk, 1 cup arborio rice, 1/2 cup sugar, 1 split vanilla bean. Cooked in stove pot on med low for 1 hour. Once room temp , stirred in small slivers of orange peel. Chill.


My partner loves kheer, an Indian rice pudding with seemingly endless regional variations; I think he often suggests Indian takeout simply so he can order it!


Which reminds me of a dish an old acquaintance once made for a gathering, called firni or phirini, made with crushed or ground rice:

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Love kheer and other Indian desserts I have tried at sweet shops.


Here is the hacked version!

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