Rice pudding and other rice desserts

Japanese mochi (whether with ice-cream or not) uses glutinous rice.

Steamed Nian gao (rice cake) of Chinese new year - glutinous rice again

I’m sure I had some Thai or Malaysian dessert with rice while travelling… need to refresh my memory.

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For instance, I keep getting drawn to this savory recipe. A warm breakfast for some special weekend when time is easy.

Ever try this concoction of deliciousness?

Yeah, ate this Karelian pasty when in Helsinki…

Since I ate it refrigerated sold in market, didn’t particularly find it very tasty or interesting. There is another version with smashed potato. It was more to accompany something than something to eat just on its own. Maybe lukewarm is better?

If you can find the episode of Bourdain’s No Reservation in Helsinki (season 8), there it lightly covered how to fold the rye crust. (Actually it could be salty too. I think)

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Dessert from Malaysia or Indonesia

Black glutinous rice porridge, usually served with coconut milk.

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This dessert I have had and enjoyed.

I will also look for the AB episode you highlighted earlier. Thanks again for your generous contributions to my questions.

I remember eating and drinking fermented (sticky) rice and liked the slightly effervescent taste.

According to this recipe it’s not hard to make it yourself. First thing to do is find rice wine yeast (explained in the recipe) as it can’t be made without it.

I came across an interesting article about the history of rice pudding you might enjoy:

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Harter’s linked recipe calls for “pudding rice”. What would be a US equivalent?

A question for those of you that make rice pudding - what is your preferred variety of rice? Why?

My memory is back, don’t ask me how, but my neighbours succeed in bringing back from Thailand to Paris a few months ago, this dessert freshly made in an unsealed plastic box by airplane: Thai Sweetened white sticky rice with mango. (Kao niaw muun / Khao Niaow Ma Muang). Yes, the sticky rice is salty and sweetened by the fresh coconut milk. Very refreshing with the sliced mango. The version that they brought me, the rice was green colour instead of white.

Sometime like this:


I don’t know where it is, but decades ago, when microwaves were the new miracle appliance, I had a recipe that, Im pretty sure, was a quarter cup of uncooked white rice stirred into a quart of milk and nuked in a 9" casserole dish for a long time on low power, until the proper rice pudding consistency is achieved. If sweetened beforehand , it becomes a light caramel color and flavor.
I think there was a tsp of vanilla involved, too. I was surprised at how much it yielded, given the small amount of rice.

Is a yeast ball easy to find at an Asian market?

Pudding stuffed sausage and beef broth, wow that’s cool. Fun read I am saving for the wife. Thanks.

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Good question. So far the rice that didnt work was long grain and I have never tried a wild rice version. Lately, I use Aborio most.

I once made a brown rice chocolate rice pudding that was very good but super rich. I coouldn’t imagine eating that type often. One reason I like adding fresh fruit is to cut the milky-ness.

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Yes please, I brought my spoon!

Appreciate the tip but believe it or not my wife is anti microwave and our son took mine to MA with him. Right now I dont own one.

I would enjoy knowing how that method works out if anyone guves that a go. I have a hard time using microwaves slowly. Chocolate was a disaster for me.

Great photos!

Makkoli!! :heart_eyes:
The korean effervescent rice wine, usually served chilled in the summer. Good stuff.

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My primary motivation for going out to eat thai food is the coconut sticky rice dessert, usually served with sliced fresh mango. I recall trying to make it myself several years ago and it made entirely too much but was fairly easy once i had the glutinous rice. It’s basically just the rice soaked and steamed with coconut milk or coconut milk and water and some sugar.
Ugh. Now i want some!


My thanks for providing really fun and informative leads on rice desserts. I have plenty of ideas to riff.

I am still making my way through many of the weblinks well beyond rice desserts! Terrific reads.


I remade a batch of rice pudding to enjoy later in the week with friends but this time used basmati rice, almond milk, lite coconut milk, rose water and coconut sugar to use up some pantry items. The pudding is a bit thinner straight out of the cooking pot but thickens to a nicer creamy base after being in the frig an hour. I think I prefer this one to my first post because it is a less thick.

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