Rice pudding and other rice desserts

With an interesting discussion about rice going, I was hoping HO members have some favorite rice dessert recipes to share. Help me use up some of my rice pantry items.

Today, I used this recipe to make rice pudding. It makes four good sized portions at a time. Once chilled, I cut up mango and papaya and serve the fruit on top.

Comes together in amount 20 mins. before refrigeration. I bought the coconut cream at Trader Joe’s and used my wifes homemade almond milk.

Arborio Rice Pudding
1/2 cup Arborio rice
2 cups coconut cream
2 cups almond milk
1/3 cup sugar
1 vanilla bean split or 2 tsp. vanilla extract
10 green cardamom pods

In a large saucepan, bring the Arborio rice, milk, and 1/3 cup sugar to a boil. Turn down the heat to medium-low and simmer for 20-25 minutes, or until rice is tender. Add vanilla. Stir pudding to desired thickness. Remove from heat and cool down in frig.

What rice desserts and rice pudding variations are on your rotation?

Thanks, Rooster


I don’t eat it but have you heard of this thing called rice pudding pie? It’s a sweet thing to eat with tea. Very common in Netherlands (especially the southern parts), as well as Belgium and Germany in proximity of the 3 countries’ borders.

Seems there’s a lot of recipes out there. Here’s one.


That looks very interesting. Reminds me of a rice cheesecake pie of sorts. Thank you for the suggestion and link I’m going to read up.

I also noticed a recipe shared on the rice pantry thread called, biko, that I plan to learn more about.

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For us, there’s first the traditional rice pudding, baked and served hot and, hopefully, with a crispy skin on it. This recipe is pretty much how Mum used to make it and we make it still.

Nigel Slater does a similar recipe but cooks it on the hob and serves it cold with a hefty dollop of any handy fruit compote. Lovely at this time of year if you need a substantial dessert, perhaps after a light main course.


I am definately going to fall into a rabbit hole with that website, wow!

I like the simple recipe for this rice pudding and baked in the oven, what a timesaver.


Raisins cooked in or no?
That was the traditional way in my youth.

I’m afraid raisins are not my jam. Just not a fan. I know many recipes include them so personal choice reins.

I do fresh tropical fruits on top of coconut milk based rice puddings and just a bit of warm spice on milk based ones.

Some of the recipes included here already sound unique to my own limited experience.

@bbqboy, care to include a recipe for the raisin fans?

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If you talk about rice pudding, you cannot leave out the legendary Stéphene Jego’s “deconstructed” riz au lait. I am not somebody particularly fond of pudding or dessert with rice, too heavy, too sweet, but this one is so good. The best is of course, to order it at his restaurant L’Ami Jean in 7th district in Paris, but owning to its success, now the price (even for take away) is 20€, instead of 9€ a few years ago. OK what is it? It a rice cooked in milk and vanilla, you can still feel the texture of each rice even after long cooking. It is served with whipped cream, salty caramel sauce and roasted nuts. I have tried to make it several times at home, it is alright, but not exactly the same at L’Ami Jean. One time, at another restaurant, we discussed with another chef about this recipe, he said the secret partially lies with rice Jégo used, because he himself couldn’t reproduce exactly the same al dente. (He is a starred chef!)

Photo credit: lamijean.fr

I have tried the first recipe, which is quite close to the restaurant version for the garniture.

I hope Google does a decent job, original in French here:

You can also try the NYT:

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There is also Chinese Tang Yuan - glutinous rice balls. I personally like the black sesame ones.


Rooster, you’ve tried golden raisins, right? I think they bake much better and you can macerate them in brandy or whatever. So good!

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I’ll have to get out my mother’s recipes. Pretty traditional, I’m sure.
We had rice or bread pudding pretty much every Sunday dinner we ever ate, every week.

Holy cow, the richest (creamy) recipe I have read so far. Thanks for the link and back story.

I enjoy black sesame ice cream and have some paste on hand. Do you think the paste swirled into prepared rice pudding would work?

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No I haven’t but my wife uses them in Irish soda bread. Maybe soaked in bourbon might change my mind…:+1:

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Lucky you! My mother would have considered rice pudding too time consuming to fix at home but whenever it was on a restaurant menu I ordered it.

I didn’t try making my own until well into my 40s…seems ridiculous now.

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Maybe interesting, just be careful, both the rice pudding and the sesame paste can be very sweet.

Point taken. I would def cut back on the sugar in the paste without issue.

You are right, but strangely, when make correctly, you don’t feel heavy and sweet as the traditional rice pudding. I guess the whipped cream and the “salt” helps to “lighten”.

Fat gives taste, isn’t it?!

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Are most rice desserts sweet?

Any recipes on savory or non pudding rice desserts using other types of rice?


The entire recipe is such an interesting read. On a more ambitious winter morning, I could try it…see where it leads me.