Recent Cookbook Aquisitions

Sadly I haven’t cooked from 6 Seasons yet, but do want to, especially when the garden starts producing! I’m in the cool PNW, and we’ve had an unusually wet and chilly spring, and the garden is behind. Our high today will be 62.
Thanks for the reminder about this book, and the linked to recipe. I’ll use your interest to spur me on with this book, and will select some recipes to try @MplsCook.

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I am obsessed with this salad! My husband, who is not a man who craves vegetables, gets random hankerings for this one.

We’ve really enjoyed this salad: My husband didn’t think the cherries quite fit, so we’ve been using cherry tomatoes instead.

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Sunday market in Ubud, Indonesia
Credit: Roozbeh Rokni, Flickr