Recent Cookbook Aquisitions

I’ll check it out - thanks!


Thank you so much for recommending this book. I found a used copy in good condition. What a gem, i appreciate the info and clear guidance in the first half. The variations offered with each recipe are a bonus

I’ve been quite tempted by the world of tarts, and this book seems a good introduction .


You are welcome, and I am glad and relieved you like it.

Kind of disappointed with 2 of 3 recent ones. I bought Jesse Szewczyk’s Cookies: The New Classics because I’d been reading a lot of positive reviews and then it was pretty nicely priced for the ebook version, so I figured why not? And yes the recipes are interesting, but so many have quite high sugar amounts that make me wonder about his palate and mine being compatible. I will likely go over to my neighbor’s and try out a recipe since I’ve had the book sitting there due to my lack of oven. I’ll probably go for the tahini black and white cookies or if I decide to get some chocolate I’d like to try the smoked paprika chocolate cookies.

And Rose Levy Beranbaum’s Ice Cream Bliss is just too of heavy cream and egg yolks in every ice cream. For a lot of the flavors I’ll have to play around to bring the butterfat down to something I think is more palatable. I’m sure the non-ice cream recipes will at least help me get more out of this book.

I love Dana Cree’s Hello, My Name is Ice Cream, though. It’s a very informative book and the recipes themselves are enticing. I’ll be tinkering with the sugar amounts which seem a touch high for me, but I overall this one is really solid.


We went out a couple weeks ago to what has become my happy place when dining out - a small local chain called Duke’s. Casual but with excellent food, service, and drinks. We had a great meal there, but it was only when on our way out that I noticed a Duke’s cookbook for sale - if we hadn’t paid our bill already, I wouldn’t have left without a copy! I also realized that Duke himself had served us our dinners, based on his picture on the cookbook. Anyway, love the place, and the book. Beautiful photographs, relatively easy preps, and generous sized print to read the respective recipes. Got it on Amazon used, but it was still wrapped in plastic, and was new. Great price of $22.75!


My husband contributes to World Food Kitchen online, and they have his credit card #. We got a cookbook from them this week that he did not order, and was charged about $48 for it. Not too happy about that…we’re going to donate it to our library. I think we should decide when we want to make a contribution.

Perhaps a mistake?

I’d get in touch with them and clear this up.

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If it were up to me, I would do that. My DH - not very likely to be on his radar…

An interesting read in the NYT about a new trend in cookbook publishing:

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Richard Sax was an excellent recipe writer, and this is a fine collection of traditional desserts.
I have not pulled it for a while because I cook so few sweets these days, but I think you should enjoy the products if you cook from it.


Thanks for posting! I’ve had it next to the bed since I got it, meaning to crack it open for a read (but I haven’t yet).

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I recently bought the Eater cookbook but have to confess that I haven’t looked at a single page of it yet.


Sofreh. Did I need another Persian cookbook no, and the restaurant is on my block, but i was intrigued at the idea of learning some of her ingredient combos.

Books are getting bigger and bigger though and none will stand upright on my slelves.


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The last cookbook I bought, just upthread, is overly large, which I don’t like, just due to the unnecessary bulk of it. (Not a lot of recipes), yet overall I’m very happy with my purchase. The recipes and instructions are in a print that is easy to see, which is nice.

Overly large and heavy cookbooks, in fact any books, are annoying. No one other than a student in a classroom or a library sits down at a table to read these days. We read in comfortable chairs, usually slouchy, or in bed. Fighting the weight of a large book in bed is just no fun. I have, so far, passed on Larousse, French Laundry, and even the Ottolenghis for this reason. I read cookbooks for ideas, insights, and inspirations but almost never for recipes to follow to the letter. I do not have room for a library style reading table. I wish those larger books were available in manageable multi volume editions. I noted when I used a Nook that La Varenne Pratique came in that format.

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With the amount of times the dining table has to be cleared of cookbooks to be set, I respectfully disagree.


Ok, point taken.


We have a part of the house that is actually designated as the library and it abuts the dining room. So, if we need a table big enough for the oversized books (Morimoto and Kylie Kwong’s Simple Chinese Cooking come to mind), we have it.

My two most recent acquisitions are Andrea Nguyen’s Ever-Green Vietnamese and Asma Khan’s Ammu. I feel like both of those are reasonably sized for sitting in an easy chair and thumbing through (and the recipes are fantastic!).