Quimet & Quimet Barcelona Tapas

First meal in Barcelona was at Quimet & Quimet, established in 1904. With all the media exposure, I was reluctant, fearing a parody of a genuine tapas bar.

My fears proved unfounded, we totally enjoyed our first Catalonian tapas. The barman, a fifth generation family member, was gracious and took good care of us noobs.

Vermouth de la Casa (1st of 5, each) with Pan Tomate to start.

Then the hits kept on coming.

We were already back out on the sidewalk when the barman called us back for a last taste treat, a spoonful each of some kind of very alcoholic tasting custard/honey out of a tin. Nice finishing touch to an enjoyable nosh.


OMG! A lot more choices in Barça. A lot! And the prices are OK, too. I would eat well in Barça. Mojama tapa costs only 2 euros?!

Don’t come to Sevilla for the above reasons.

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Nice. Very nice!

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You seem to eat well wherever you travel!! We thought the prices quite reasonable, though we had no previous benchmarks to measure against.

Generous pours of vermouth @ €2.75. I gave the barman carte blanche for a beer, he presented the house brew @ €2.50 for a 30cl glass. Went nicely with the salty tapas.

We are fans of just about any market, with food stands. Walked and grazed The Boqueria today. Mind Blown. Details to follow.




Thanks for your posting, this is reminding me that I still need to do mine!

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our favorite!

Joana, the other Quimet (sister), was our favorite, but she’s on the day shift now.

I hate to say, though, that the dude on the end, nearest the door to the back, waited on us this last time - first time I’d seen him. He was terribly rude and just a pill. Thank goodness the food is as good as it is, and the other Quimet, the brother, made up for it.

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God, I love eating like that.

Like asking: who is your favorite child.

Will always cherish our tapas at Quimet/Quimet, so many other options abound on every street in Barcelona. Quimet was special.

We ended up repeating at Cuitat Comtal again a few nights later, had to explore more of the menu. So good.