Barcelona Tapas 2.0 - Cuitat Comtal

We had very good second tapas eats at an admittedly tourist destination, Cuitat Comtal. The space was comfortable, staff accommodating.

We ate well. Very well!

Pan Tomate to start. Of course.

Padron Peppers. One pepper out of six surprised and delighted with a nice heat. These Peppers are now on the “must have” list!!!

Very fresh and well prepared Razor Clams and Cuttlefish.

Fried Calamari and Fried Seafood Mixto (Tiny Fish, Padron, larger Calamari).

Nice Mushrooms mix, with a raw egg yolk to dip.

For dessert, our very first Churros and a fruit topped Meuille Fleur (sp).

To drink. Red, White and Vermouth.

Although we were well stuffed, wife had to order to go for later in-room dining. An order of Peppers and a Potato Egg dish.

Excellent meal. We’ll probably do a repeat here before we have to go home. So many more items we’re dying to eat!!!



Padron peppers are something I’ll order several times on our annual visits to Spain. And, indeed, our normal supermarket occasionaly stocks them. Just love 'em. But it’s many years since there’s been a hot one. Except for that time last year at a restaurant in New Haven , CT, where they’d included a couple of an obviously different type of pepper guaranteed to have heat.

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That made me miss Barcelona…again! Thanks for sharing.