Help with February Barcelona food choices

In spite of its English name, the Windsor is very much about modern Catalan cuisine.

We’ve not been to the city since pre-Covid times so things may have changed but a look at the restaurant’s website suggests it’ll be as good as it was.

On our first and only trip, enjoyed this restaurant so much we returned a couple of days later. Busy on both visits, nice buzzy atmosphere and energy.

Prices very reasonable, wide varieties of options on the menu.


OMG that looks heavenly! Ima bookmark this thread for my next Barca visit. Although this summer’s plan was a visit to Istanbul…

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It’s one of my favourite restaurants in the world… been there dozens and dozens of times, sometimes even for breakfast, lunch and dinner on the same day. Super fresh seafood prepared without fuss, lots of guilty pleasures like mini hamburgers and frankfurters, and wonderful and cheap drinks from sangria to beer and wine. Asians behind the counter… I love it! :heart:


Breakfast, lunch and dinner all on the same day!!! Might have to try that on the next visit.

The staff was very accomodating. We don’t speak/understand Catalan and very very little Spanish, still felt very comfortable and well taken care of. On our second visit, the house poured us a comped after dinner digestif.

Very welcoming nice touch.


Ciudad Condal…


They also have a sister restaurant nearby, called Cerveceria Catalana on calle de Mallorca. At lunch (and only at lunch!) they serve arroz, every day a different type. This was with lobster. The terrace here is very nice, though small.

Tuna salad.


L’Olive, also in the Eixample neighbourhood.

Salad with romesco sauce and fish.


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Ca L’Estevet.


Thanks for the great suggestions and the photos have me salivating! So many options for sure.



Please help clear up some confusion. Seems this restaurant goes by both Ciudad Condal and Ciudad Comtal? The awning outside sports both names. The menu has Comtal printed.

Yes, correct. It’s the Spanish versus Catalan way of writing the name - Ciutat Comtal vs Ciudad Condal. The Catalan people are fiercely proud of their heritage, and given the history with Franco (in Madrid) this is always contentious…

Any new travel plans?

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Thanks. Googled, but couldn’t figure it out. Always fun to learn the ideosyncracies of any new country.

Booked four Asia focused trips so far for 2023, looking to fill the schedule with a couple of trips to Europe.

You planning any trips yet?

Any thoughts on lunch at Caelis or Slow & Low? With all the wonderful suggestions for tapas places, thinking we’ll just do one prix fixe lunch.

We’ve only been one short 6 day trip in Barcelona, barely scratched the surface. A few other posters on this site can give you much more insight and advice.

I would suggest Quimet & Quimet tapas. Yes, this place has been blown up. We were lucky a space opened up at the bar as we were casing the joint. Fun time, good bites and good drinks.

I went there and, while it was good, I much preferred El Xampanyet… so much so that I went back twice :heart_eyes:

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I remember your suggestion and will definitely try El Xampanyet earliest. We totally enjoyed Barcelona, and even got to “participate” in the pro-Catalan RIOTS!@!!! Ironically, we had rerouted from Hong Kong to avoid their Umbrella Protests. Meant to be.

I was shouting FREE HONG KONG, but my lone voice was lost in the din. :slight_smile:


Not exactly sure where you are coming from, your daughter’s approximate age, but FWIW, you will be pretty close to Milk Bar from your hotel, so if you want decent breakfast/brunch, I’d take a look at that. Or, not open till midday, but right opposite El Xampanyet (both just down the street from the Picasso Museum) is Tapeo. It’s a bit calmer than El Xampanyet (read: you can sit down and have some snacks or a meal). Mostly, you shouldn’t need to book there, and they do a couple of different “broken egg” dishes there, if you are hankering for breakfast kinds of options.

Not sure you have anything on your list down by the beach…Not sure of weather in February, but in late December, I was comfortable in a t-shirt and light jacket eating outside. But beware of bad food and tourist traps in that area.

Thanks for the response. To answer those questions—-coming from DC metro, adult daughter, breakfast included where we are staying. If weather is pleasant, we’ll head down to waterfront and may or may not eat there.
For now, booked lunch at Caelis and Compartir then will take a lot of the tapas suggestions and roam around. Appreciate all the help!

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Head for the beach area at Barceloneta. Lots of casual seafood places there - nice, simple preparations of spankingly fresh seafood that just shouts “SPAIN” at me.