Problems posting images (orientation)

Several of us have posted photos that are posting upside down and sideways
is anyone else having issues?

I suspect AI is taking over HO now. Is there a plugin analysing uploaded photos and determine the orientation?

In WFD, I downloaded the pictures manually, changed the orientation and re uploaded them back.

Working ok on iPad Air.

Some photos appear to have been rotated, automatically, somehow. Mine are OK.

Let’s test this one. Uploaded directly from my hard drive.


Upload from imgur, an image hosting site.

The only kind of men I like.

I have seen that myself. I wonder why the software is doing that. When you have an image like that, can you pm me the image? Thanks

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Have to try uninstall some thing around Fri/ Sat to see if it fixes this issue. No idea what’s causing it, yet.

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@sck FYI It happens a lot with Linda, even with the photo of cat. So I wonder it is a problem of auto detect.

I will uninstall a number of things this week to see if it fixed things. @LindaWhit when I have done that, I will let you know. After that, please let me know if you and others still see misoriented pics. Thanks.

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Thanks @naf and @sck. I do want to say I’m not doing anything different from what I’ve been doing all along when I post here - I take my pictures and download them to my laptop, and then post as usual.

Uploading one of my upside pics from WFD last night to see what happens:

Yup, still upside down. Now I’m going to try a drag-and-drop from the folder the pics are in:

And still upside down.

So I went into the photo on my laptop’s drive and rotated it so it’s upside down when I look at it that way. Let’s see if it’s right-side up.

Remains upside down - which technically is the way it’s supposed to be. So I went back into the upside down photo and rotated again, and let’s see if NOW it’s right side up.

OK, I give up testing. LOL


All your pics like that or only some?

What this cat is Defying Gravity. It’s not upside down :smile:

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Let me try a picture that worked from earlier in the month (January 4th).

Still upside down. I’ll try clearing my cache on my laptop and see if that helps when I have to sign back in.

This is the link from the original post: What's for Dinner #29 - 01/2018 - New Year 2018 Edition

testing … this is so bizzare
he expands when you click on him :two_hearts
he is right side up in the what’s for dinner thread now

I’ve cleared the cache, and will try to upload a couple of pictures again. My original Finnegan picture (still upside down) and the Guinness Beef Stew. Both upside down. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::confused::upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:


mine came out squeezed like your bottom photo.

I have checked the code, instead of 700 x 394, the script reversed it to 394 x 700. (now it is corrected)

@hungryonion FYI: It looked like this when englow uploaded it.

Is it related to the new way that images are uploaded since December? (Before the code was HTML) We never had any problem before this change, the problem started randomly probably since December, but got worse this month.

Doubt it. I tested a picture at the forum software’s test sandbox. seems ok there.

I just posted on WFD again - upside down. I give up.

Let me guess- are you uploading the pics from a Samsung phone?

When you have a moment, would you mind sending me the problematic pics directly via email? I want to upload the pics to the forum software maker’s own forum to see if the orientation was off there as well. There was a discussion 7 months ago about this issue. Supposedly fixed then. Thanks.

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