Plantains, what’s you fav recipe?

Green, ripe, super ripe?
Baked, fried, double fry?
Sweet or savory?


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Maduros, sauteed til warm and sweet and caramelized.


I like them ripe, cooked with savory, I like mofongo, and that casserole of plantain layered with beef, pastelon.

I aways buy more than i can eat, so ways that will kerp are always appeciate.
Husband likes green and fred. Period.

Gran Cocina Latina has lots of ideas.

Great topic! Got me searching!

Saveur- 12 Delicious Ways the World Eats Plantains

what is the best method for carmelizing?

what spices do you like for a savory approach?

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which oil do you recommend for creating chips?

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I’m still at the recipe using stage! In pastelon, the spices are in the picadillo; This one has cumin, cloves, and oregano, as well as raisins and worcestershire sauce.

placeholder. Thanks @shrinkrap.

holding here.

I’m saving that one too!

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I love yellow plantains that are ripe, even super ripe just sliced diagonally and pan fried in olive oil. They are usually very sweet
If they are ripe enough, I will still pan fry them if I cannot wait for them to ripen, but then, I would add a bit of demerera sugar towards the end, let the sugar melt and sometimes a splash of liquor.
Another recipe called Turon in the Philippine is to wrap them with super thin wheat lumpia wrappers,( spring roll wrappers- not the kind made here ini US ut the imported ones from the Philippines) and if desired, split the plantain longitudinally and add a tablespoon full of macapuno-string which is a hybrid coconut) Pan fried till crisp it is out of this world.
One other way to eat is called banana cue- this is roasting the plantain on an open fire using skewer after it is rolled in brown sugar. This requires a not too ripe plantan


Here’s an old thread about puree de platano maduro.

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thanks for linking, I didnt find it doing a search before writing the post.


PLANTAIN (PLATANO MACHO) Chips, Spanish Extra virgin Olive Oil. (Served with an appetiser of Ceviche) & Pisco Sours or a glass of White wine of choice.


Minced plantains shaped into a tortilla sized round, fried and then layered with your fav taco filling combo is on the home cue for this weekend. I’m planning a fresh flavored filling mix of red onion, grilled corn, mini peppers, cheese. Lots of lime.

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The plantains need to be super ripe. The skin should be black. They will look like they should be thrown out! Then there is so much sugar in the fruit that it will caramelize nicely when fried.

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The recipe I was given uses only slightly ripe plantains and turned into a flavorful mix that can be shaped into large rounds and then fried. Used in place of corn or flour tortillas.

Plantains are quite versatile! You had asked about caramelizing for Maduros. This is how I learned to do it from my Cuban neighbor when I was a child.


Those are called tostones.

A local Cubam restaurant makes enormous tostones and puts a hamburger between them. Its shamefully good.

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