Plantains, what’s you fav recipe?

Green, ripe, super ripe?
Baked, fried, double fry?
Sweet or savory?


Maduros, sauteed til warm and sweet and caramelized.

I like them ripe, cooked with savory, I like mofongo, and that casserole of plantain layered with beef, pastelon.

I aways buy more than i can eat, so ways that will kerp are always appeciate.
Husband likes green and fred. Period.

Gran Cocina Latina has lots of ideas.

Great topic! Got me searching!

Saveur- 12 Delicious Ways the World Eats Plantains

what is the best method for carmelizing?

what spices do you like for a savory approach?

which oil do you recommend for creating chips?

I’m still at the recipe using stage! In pastelon, the spices are in the picadillo; This one has cumin, cloves, and oregano, as well as raisins and worcestershire sauce.

placeholder. Thanks @shrinkrap.

holding here.

I’m saving that one too!

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I love yellow plantains that are ripe, even super ripe just sliced diagonally and pan fried in olive oil. They are usually very sweet
If they are ripe enough, I will still pan fry them if I cannot wait for them to ripen, but then, I would add a bit of demerera sugar towards the end, let the sugar melt and sometimes a splash of liquor.
Another recipe called Turon in the Philippine is to wrap them with super thin wheat lumpia wrappers,( spring roll wrappers- not the kind made here ini US ut the imported ones from the Philippines) and if desired, split the plantain longitudinally and add a tablespoon full of macapuno-string which is a hybrid coconut) Pan fried till crisp it is out of this world.
One other way to eat is called banana cue- this is roasting the plantain on an open fire using skewer after it is rolled in brown sugar. This requires a not too ripe plantan

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Here’s an old thread about puree de platano maduro.

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thanks for linking, I didnt find it doing a search before writing the post.

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