"SWEET PLANTAIN PUREE", puree de platano maduro (ripe plantain pureee)


Bought too many ripe plaintains. Need I say more?

“Every time I go to a store that has plantains I go crazy and buy way too many, this usually works out fine if the plantains are green because I have more time to use them and can start using them in dishes that are made with green plantains and then as they ripen use them in different ways. However when my plantain shopping spree includes only ripe plantains I have to use them a lot faster, this all started when I bought a bunch of ripe plantains”

Trying to make sense of a few recipes.

That one was from “Mexico in my Kitchen”

One is in Gran Cocina Latina. The link and quote is from layita.

Seive the puree? Doesn’t seem right for me.

Puree the cooked plantain?

Or with butter and cream? " Mogo-mogo" or " Machuco"

Oh, yeah; going away for a week. I have two additional green ones that I could fry for the hubs, who loves the tried green, before I go, … but yeah …no. Or maybe.:thinking:

I usually use the Alton Brown idea for tried green plantain.


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Maduros are really popular in nyc at any dominican or puerto rican places- among others. Those are just fried sweet plantains, i thinks there’s some butter or oil and sugar involved too. Never made them myself but i think they’re just fried once or even sautéed like carmelized bananas.

Yes, I think maduro refers to ripe, and fried is how we like tem, ripe or not, but I was wondering about a sweet-savory side, that might be good more than one day.
Mashed plaintain
One recipe i found was for a stuffed pepper. "Mofongo reloeno! Probably gonna try that with some of my poblanos.

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Here’s some more (Dominican) ideas


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Monfongo would be perfect! I actually have only had it once- i found a place that made the mofongo to order and was able to ask them for a vegetarian version- but i think it would work great as a stuffing.

Randomly just saw this recipe that uses ripe plantains with black beans and guacamole as a filling for arepas - could be a tasty filling for tacos too

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Perfect flavors! That plantian lasagna thingy would be good too!


" Dominicans love their Pastelón de Plátano Maduro (Ripe Plantain Casserole), which is ironic, because apart from politicians, in this country there is nothing that is more maligned than the plantain.

It’s accused, no less, of being partly responsible for our island’s rampant underdevelopment. It is said to block the brain and stop intelligence from flowing, according to some; while others say overindulgence leads to a dazed stupor. And there are even some who go as far as to say that if American children speak English from a young age, it’s thanks to the “conflé” that they eat for breakfast, as opposed to mangú ."





Serious Eats

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I love fried ripe yellow plantans. I only use peanut oil to pan fry them If they are sweet, I do not even add brown sugar
Another technique is to skewer them, coat the with sugar ( if not that ripe), and roast them on grill.
Yet another recipe is to split the plantain lengthwise, add macapuno between the two layers, wrap them with Simex spring roll cover from the Philippines and pan fry them.
Macapuno is a sport of coconut ( the endosperm). One can buy them from Asian stores usually in a jar either as balls or strings. I use the stain ones for th is purpose and for fruit salad.


Needing to use a yellow plantain again, and I happen to have some smoked jerked pork shoulder, AND the hubs is away, so "fatty meat " is on the menu! I’m thinking mofongo flavors but not sure about the textures.

I am reviewing these suggestions.

ETA; making sweet plantain puree, and serving with the smoked jerk pork shoulder.

Nixed the puree.


Buena idea. Looks delicious.

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Can I have the recipe of the dish? I just bought pork shoulder and plantain banana.

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I’m busted! I didn’t use a SINGLE recipe, but used Walkerswood bottled jerk on a fancy 4 pound heritage pork shoulder from??? for a few days, then I smoked it a 250 until I really needed to go to bed (maybe 8 hours?) . The ripe plantain was just sliced and seared briefly in store bought ghee. Sum better than parts.

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Sounds good!! Thanks!!

The fancy pork shoulder, via Crowd Cow.

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