Pizza-Pizza-Pizza!!! Monmouth County NJ

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Actually since you decided to name yourself PizzaRobby can I ask you, where is your local favorite pizza?


Gargiulo’s* (Formerly Portifinos) Tinton Falls NJ
Gargiulo’s* (Formerly Portifinos) Tinton Falls NJ

Originally from North Jersey so my heart is at Star Tavern (Orange) but around Monmouth I would say Deninos but if you’ve been to the SI location I don’t think the ones in jersey are close. I also think Del Ponte’s in Bradley Beach is underrated. Rosie’s in PPB also good.


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I’ll agree with Denino’s although I’ve never been to the SI location, I never thought the Jersey location was “all that”. Rosie’s is a great pick and you will make a lot of friends around here based on that. Also don’t know if you have tried but Frankie Fed’s in Freehold is a pretty dam good pie too. (sausage is my favorite)


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Grew up going to the Staten Island Denino’s, and while the Aberdeen location is fine, you’re right: they don’t come close.

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Brick location is much better than Aberdeen.
Can also give a few other SI spots if anyone is headed that way


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Too funny and I’m happy/relieved to read this because I never got all the hype about Hazlet.

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I was born on Staten Island. Ironically, was just thinking about Cafe Bella Vita. That had been my family’s special occasion spot for my entire life and probably 20 years before that. I woke up thinking about it (odd since it has been nearly three years since I was last there), so I must have been dreaming.



I’ll give that a shot. Where I live (eastern monmouth county…LS, SB, OP area) I find it tough to find a consistently good spot close to home. Always find myself driving to other parts of the county. Don’t want to railroad this thread on pizza talk now just my two cents on pizza around the Red Bank/beach area.


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no worries- one of the things I like best about here is them odd let the conversation flow. Unlike one of the boards a lot of us used to be on they are pretty easy going about stuff like that.
Just to mention- I live near you and have decided upon Palumbos as normal pizza spot, none really blow me away -but find they are best mix of decent pizza, good other items, service, and they are nice people. All around here have flaws to be honest. If zonis was a bit closer would prob make that my spot. Have you tried Nicky’s in OP- on my list but haven’t made it there yet.


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Greg, think this board only has room for one SI native and I was here first…lol, jk.

My fav spots on SI for “red sauce” Eye-talian are la fontana, Ninis, and brioso for most part.

To bring it home, very excited for this as people I know speak highly of the Brooklyn spot.



Always drive by it but never go in. May make a pit stop one of these days.

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You may retain your title. I was three when I moved.



I used to live at the bottom of the hill in West Orange and could walk to the Star Tavern. Haven’t been ages. No body does a white clam pizza that comes close.


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Actually I think I come out ahead if you keep the title


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Very curious about this place. Nobody I know has gone which I find odd but keeps getting mentioned


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FWIW locally I enjoy the pizza at Attillo’s Villagio in the Acme Shopping Center in Lincroft. Located next to one of the more unique and completely understated Mc Donalds in NJ.

That’s actually a good conversation, does anyone know what the the story is for that Mc’ D’s? Can you name another strip mall, non-drive thru Mc’ Donalds in NJ? (looks like we are headed towards another break off thread)



Just a reminder for anyone reading this thread that if you’re interested in a deeper dive, you’ll likely find that some of these pizza places have their own separate threads. You can find out by using the magnifying glass on the upper-right of this page to search the NJ board.

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I’ve heard good things about Attillos, esp the prepared foods as well.

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My favorite is sea Bright Pizza’s grandma pie ! Luigis in Lincroft over attilios! Federici’s freehold plain cheese pie #1! :pizza::wine_glass::beer:



Isn’t the owner a golfer or big golf fan? I haven’t been there in many years but I think I remember something about golf.