Gargiulo’s* (Formerly Portifinos) Tinton Falls NJ


Talked to a friend of mine who frequents the Brooklyn location and it is affiliated.

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Well then that is VERY exciting news! Welcome to Hungry Onion way to score a big “scoop” with your first post!! If you don’t mind me asking how did you find us? We always enjoy fresh voices in our discussions please feel free to look around and share more with us! If you have any questions let me know!

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Stumbled upon the website searching for a restaurant (Greek Spots new location in RB). Found this to be way more informative and truthful than most of what Yelp puts out there.


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That’s pretty awesome and yes we pride ourselves on being the anti-yelp style site. So welcome again and thank you for the courtesy of answering my question. Just a FYI as you will read about the Greek Spot yes the Red Bank location is serving the same excellent food (exception to @CurlzNJ Greek Easter meal) service has been questionable at best. I’m a HUGE fan of theirs but I’m skeptical of Red Banks fate. (not trying to jinx them)

Here is a link to our little “Get to know you” thread if you care to share some more info about yourself feel free. You also seem to be local to Monmouth county you will find you are in some good company, we have a fairly large Monmouth County presence on the site.

Let's introduce ourselves and get to know one another better



Couldn’t agree more…and welcome, @PizzaRobby ! If you spend some time on here you’ll see we have a group of people who post fairly consistently (unlike Yelp) and we also have some fun (unlike most community-based sites). Glad you found us!


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We had dinner once at Gargiulo’s many years ago. We liked it a lot. I’ve wanted to go again, but we’ve somehow managed not to make it happen. I figured there was a connection. Otherwise, there would certainly have ended up being a “cease and desist” order. If this outpost is as good as the original, anyone who likes “old skool” Italian (which I do) will be ecstatic.

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This is a stones throw from where I live so I’m excited to have this addition to my local scene. Perhaps this will give me the opportunity to finally make your acquaintance!


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There used to be an excellent Italian place right over the outer bridge, first exit in a strip mall the name was Panara(?). Do you know it? Last I checked about 7-8 years ago it was gone, it used to be on my list of places to go, first place I ever had bronzino.

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not sure- was it on Page Avenue by chance? they opened a spot called cafe Luna there now I think a cpl doors down. Panerea by chance? Never made it there- I used to live on the other side of the Island.

Way out that way I love Da Noi…- by west shore expressway…left that off my list- very good.


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Think it will do well if they deliver same experience due to built in Bkyln/SI crowd around here, esp in Colts Neck.



The bk menu looks pretty good. Prices seems fair overall but then I see 65.00 lobster tails with no description at all.

Also, no antipast? (Cold)


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Just catching up:

Panarea was great, good call notjr. (yes, Page Ave)

Basilles is well worth the try for pizza in Middletown, great crust, and good ingredients. Their square is the star of the show for me, but it is not as big and thick as a typical Sicilian slice. A bit of a hike for the LS crowd but when I saw Palumbos mentioned I thought you meant the Holmdel store of the same name. Now I see that was wrong.

I wish Gargiulos well. Coney Island became a very large catering hall and I’ve been to some good events there but have not eaten in the restaurant in many years.

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There were a couple well dressed men outside while passing on my way home so I pulled over to inquire about a grand opening date:

“We don’t know yet” is the official response!

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Looking very much forward to this! Don’t get me started on how much Angelica’s is over rated, over priced and over hyped…



Welcome aboard nj guy. This is a great place to talk about anything food related. May I ask how you found out about the site? I think you will like it here.


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Hello!!! My daughter actually sent me a screen shot of the one of the above posts… which was sent to her and so on and so on… This is my first rodeo on a site like this… I always said I wanted to do the Yelp thing… but this looks better already! and very local.

We are from the Lincroft area and get out a bit (not as much as we would like), but now have a good avenue to provide our thoughts on places we visit! I try to stay away from chains and support local /privately held and Mom & Pop type of places…

Quick Summary of recent activity - just for reference - not to be continued here…:

  1. Angelicas - Went for first time on Sunday - Will be the last time - maybe an off nite, but the list of very basic things that were questionable was just too long to give my hard earned $$ to ever again…

  2. Zoni’s Pizza on 35 in Middletown - Fantastic!

  3. Attilios’s in Lincroft - My opinion - The best Plain pizza in the world (Not too thick, not too thin, chewy crust, sweet sauce with lotsa cheese)

  4. Subs - Italian - Joyces in Lincroft - The Best! - Go for the #4… they don’t use Boards head… but they are very thick, soft bread, ample amounts of oil and vinegar… and not too pricey! 2nd Best is Shoprite in Middletown - yep - Shop Rite!!..

That’s it for now… Thanks for having me!


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Well welcome to Hungry Onion or Ho’ as we like to call it as well as referring to ourselves as Ho’s. (Don’t get any funny idea’s!!!)

Nice to have another local personality on the site, as you can tell we have a pretty robust Monmouth County representation, however there are plenty of members from all over the state as well. (I don’t know where @paryzer you live, but I’ve got a feeling you are going to have to move south soon)

Here is the formal “Welcome to Hungry Onion” thread should you want to introduce yourself to the broader audience, as you have a look around you will see the site contains a lot more than just local information.

Sorry you weren’t very impressed with Angelica’s, it’s pretty popular on here but only on the off season, I ain’t got no time for the wait that place generates during the summer. (I’ll bet you didn’t get the veal chop - that dish in particular is to die for)

Funny you bring up Attillio’s, you will see in the Pizza Pizza Pizza thread I just spun off from this one I just mentioned that is my personal favorite pizza in the area. (I too am very local to that area)

Again welcome to HO !!!

Let's introduce ourselves and get to know one another better



I go to Anjelicas a lot and I’ll be the first one to tell you some of their items are overpriced. They get away with it being in that area. Never had a bad meal there though. I find it always consistent and some specials are very good. Could maybe chalk it up to a bad night but I’ve been places for the first time where it turned me off I’ve never went back so I know where you’re coming from @NJ-GUY.

FYI - Lately they have had this baked capellini appetizer as a special made with egg yolk, cheese and guanciale (maybe pancetta) which I’ve ordered the past few times (only for 2 people). Comes out in a round pizza type pan. A couple weeks back I order it for a few of us and ask the waiter (who knows me) to bring a portion for us to share. Now this was slightly bigger than the other times I have ordered it for only 2 people but was enough for everyone to get a taste. Everyone loved it so no issue there. Bill comes at the end of the night… $48!!! Remember this is just pasta, eggs, cheese and cured meat. So be warned.

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