[Phnom Penh] Recommendations for Cambodia's Capital?

I’ll be there for two weeks with a few small side trips to Kep/Kampot.
Any must-eat recommendations in PP?
I’ve done a bit of research and will post an eating review upon my return, but want to know if the group has any recommendations.

We didn’t stay there very long time, since we had stomach problem accumulating from Siam Reap and Battambang, we missed some meals to let stomach rest. One of the best meal we had:

Oh, nice, thanks, @naf!

I think I will give this a shot.

Was this worth a visit?

Depending what you expect, it is not a resort city, we wanted to visit a small city to see how real people live, we like the street food scene at Battambang. Phnom Sampov worth a visit.

You can read some of my restaurant reviews:

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I liked Mr. Mab in Kep

Not to miss in Kampot, the pepper farms. Food was alright there, nothing very exciting, maybe it’s a city only for tourists? Food in Kep was definitely better.


Wow, you’ve done some great eating and reviewing in Cambodia. I am going to read through these all :slight_smile:

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Try do a search with the city name, you will be able to find more reviews. I cited the better ones in this thread.


Just saw Ros Rotanak aka Chef Nak featured on the Nat Geo channel last night. Certainly worth a try.