[Battambang, Cambodia] Street food at Stung Sangker River

The night market at the water front in Battambang is something not to miss. Street food are much more interesting in variety than in Siem Reap. You can see real locals eating at the stands. It is located not far from the Central market, on the 2 banks of the Stung Sangker River.

Rice cake roll - Highly recommended, if you could located this guy, his stand was quite popular. Very simple food, a type of rice pancake, heated up with butter, condensed milk, egg…mixed in everything and not too sweet roll, it was simply delicious. Forgot to take the photo, but if anybody has more information on this, please let me know. I would like to have a recipe.

Pancake dough was prepared before hand.

After he sold us the last rice cake roll, he just packed and left. We would like to have 2, but obviously he had no more “pancakes” left, there were still a lot of people waiting. The next day, we tried to located this guy again at the same place, but no luck.

The insects delices.

Deep fried.


Didn’t eat. Insect is something I have mental blockage…no I just couldn’t.


Day 2, we returned for more food, this time we tried this place, they had a variety of stirred fried rice dishes

Squids and shrimps with eggs, cabbages, spring onions and morning glory.

Seafood fried rice with egg.

We all ate on some ex oil barrels with high stools. Kitty asked every table for food.

In the street food recommendations, they always mention corns.

Stired fried corns with spring onion, dried shrimp. Not bad.

If you want to visit, should go early, some stalls start around 4-5pm, and around 8 or 9 pm, places started to pack up to clean. Best time around 6-7pm. Some bars around, serving beers and food.


I believe this is the roti pancake that I am searching: