[Battambang, Cambodia] Nary Kitchen

Nary Kitchen is a family owned restaurant operated by a native couple coming from Kampot. The wife is the chef and husband occupies the service. It is located in a quiet street that is not brightly lit at night, from a distance we thought the place was not open.

We ordered from what was proposed in the cooking lessons menu to test the food.

Fried spring roll

Fish amok - we found this one of the best fish amok we ate in Cambodia, the owner was quite proud of it and included the recipes in the day time cooking lessons.

Beef Lok Lak

Stirred fried vegetables

We talked a bit with the owner, with his food, I was a bit surprise that the restaurant was quite empty (we arrived late). The owner told us the location right now was a bit remote and they had more successful with lunch than dinner. He might consider relocating the restaurant. Like many restaurateurs, he wanted to open the restaurant in Siem Reap, but said it was very difficult as there were fierce competition, you need to pay too much fees and he preferred staying in Battambang.

We didn’t eat a lot since we just had some street food near the water front and it was our second dinner.
Nary Kitchen was quite good and we would like to come back the next day for another dinner, unfortunately, they closed quite early (9pm), so go early if you want to dine there.

Nary Kitchen
N. 650, Group 32,
Prekmohatep, Svaypor,
Battambang, Cambodia.