[Penang, Malaysia] Lunch at Au Jardin, Hin Bus Depot

Back in George Town again after a wonderful sightseeing and gourmet trip to Ipoh last week. As always, after a surfeit of good Cantonese cuisine in Ipoh, we are rather disinclined to return to Penang’s Hokkien/Teochew brand of Chinese cuisine for a while, as we’re still missing the more refined Cantonese flavors.

For a change, we decided to pay a return visit to Au Jardin at the Hin Bus Depot. Unlike on Sundays, when Hin Bus Depot comes alive with its weekly arts & cultural market, the place is quieter on weekdays, so parking lots are easier to come by. This restaurant is just over 2 years old now - we’d actually accidentally stumbled into the restaurant on its first day of operation back on 1 Sep 2018. It’s really good to see the kitchen crew settled in and very much more confident nowadays.

Our lunch today consisted of:

  1. Amuse bouche 1: Beetroot cups filled with blue cheese mousse, chopped pistachios and ikura

  2. Amuse bouche 2: Wantan cones filled with tuna tartare

  3. Spiced tomato chutney-whipped butter with “Indian dosa”-flavoured bread

  4. Char-smoked cabbage, topped with cabbage sorbet and cabbage crisp, emulsion of toasted yeast and capelin roe.

  1. Thinly-sliced Red Snapper ceviche, pickled red onion rings, kaffir lime oil, with hot Thai “tom kha” sauce poured over

  1. The ‘Faux’ Caviar - lumpfish roe, lightly-poached lobster meat, gelée of lobster coral

Palate cleanser: Chinese “tie-kuan-yin” tea sorbet lollipops with popping candy, coated with coconut oil white chocolate

  1. Duck Roast à la Maison - Hay-smoked duck with coriander seeds, black pepper & Szechuan peppercorns were inserted underneath the skin of the duck

  1. Wild flounder on squid’s ink & seafood risotto, with pickled red onion petals and dill oil

9) Guava dessert, with marinated guava, Greek yoghurt and guava crisps

Au Jardin’s Modern-Penang cuisine approach which applies French cooking techniques to largely locally-sourced ingredients resulted in some pretty amazing flavors.

Restaurant au Jardin, Hin Bus Depot
125, Jalan Timah, 10150 George Town
Penang, Malaysia
Tel: +6012-429 7591
Operating hours: 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30pm-10.30pm, Thu to Sun. Closed Mon to Wed.


That caviar and lobster concoction is calling our name.

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Stunning! O.M.G… the duck! Over-the-top and I love it.

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