Park Side (Corona Queens)

We finally made it out to legendary old school Italian restaurant Park Side Sunday night, and had a blast with some friends who have been raving about this place for years. The worst part was the excruciating 1 1/2 hour drive from North Jersey. It took us over a 1/2 hour to get over the George Washington Bridge! Going home we took the Queens Midtown Tunnel and Lincoln Tunnel, which was much faster, and only took about 45 minutes. We should have gone that way in the first place. The place was jam packed for a rainy Sunday. We sat in the beautiful garden room surrounded by trees and flowers that created a sort of private booth.

We had several bottles of the excellent 2013 Kenwood Cabernet, which was an incredible bargain at 33.00 (not that much over retail). We finished off with an excellent 40 year old port.

They start you off with an incredible bread basket, that includes pork bread, and also a plate of bruschetta and salumi. The roasted tomatoes in the bruschetta were very flavorful.

For appetizers we shared an entree portion of fried soft shell crabs, which came with 4 crabs, so we got one each. We also had baby eggplant rollatini in an amazing pomodoro sauce, and a colossal crab meat cocktail.

For entrees, I had the amazing fedelini with langostinos in a garlic, oil & anchovy sauce topped with breadcrumbs, Mrs. P had the melt in your mouth medium rare filet mignon, our friend had the sauteed gray filet of sole meuniere, and his wife had the excellent chicken provencal. We also had a plate of very hot cherry peppers.


The portions were huge, and there were plenty of leftovers. The prices were very reasonable. They also have valet parking which is a huge plus in that very congested neighborhood.


Where else have I seen these pictures :sunglasses:?
Glad you liked it. We love going there with our mutual friends.

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Thanks Steve. Yes, I’m sure you have gone to Park Side many times with our mutual friend :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the great review. Parkside has been my favorite Italian restaurant for 30 years. My big advantage is I live in Forest Hills and it’s a short bike ride away.

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I would definitely go to Parkside more often if I only lived a short bike ride away

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Me too…and then across the street for some Lemon Ice…
But the neighborhood has changed in 30 years…

Yes, our friends stopped off across the street for some Lime ices, that they said were amazing. Unfortunately we had to get back to NJ and couldn’t join them.

We made the trip through the tunnels and Manhattan into Queens again for another excellent dinner with our friends at Parkside. Details and pictures are in the main WFD thread below.

We used to live in Queens and loved Parkside. May be time to make a pilgrimage!

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Sounds great. Oh, wait… I was there too. Love that place - my double cut pork chop w/vinegar peppers was perfect. Happy Holidays! Nice seeing you again.

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It was great to see you and Ginny! I have to try the pork chop next time. It looked really good. Happy holidays to both of you as well.

Just to bump this back up to the top, I figure that I should mention that our meal there last week re-confirmed my opinion that this place is the best old line red sauce Italian in NYC. Well prepared food, great service, valet parking & very reasonably priced. For someone like me, who grew up in a city full of places with similar menus and kitchens, having them still around (& thriving) during the increasing absence of comparably good places of this style is comforting.


Parkside is great. We used to live in Douglaston and would go there from time to time. We also loved a place called Ralph’s in Jackson Heights. Strip mall restaurant with great food. Also used to love Il Bacco in Little Neck, especially when they first opened.

RIP Tony (the owner). Leukemia.