Old Glory (Keyport NJ)

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We were just at the beach at Sandy Hook now grabbing a bite at Old Glory

Labor day is over, what's now on your radar? [NJ]
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And…thoughts ???

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My wife had the arugula salad with a crab cake and I had the parmesan rosemary wings.

The wings were good and the melted cheese was nice and crispy.

My wife enjoyed the salad and crabcake.

We would definitely go back

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I LOVE those wings!!! It reminds me of a good french onion soup, scrapping the cheese off the bowl. Glad you enjoyed!! You can’t beat it for bar/comfort food in my opinion. Good food and reasonable prices.

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Finally! Old Glory gets noticed on HO. Jr. could be it needed your stamp of approval. Good deal.

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@Roro1831 & @Rooster
(I moved these comments to this thread to give Old Glory the exposure it deserves)

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That crabcake is great. The seafood mac and cheese is very good.

@Jr did you ck out the lounge area refurb’d in the basement?

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I asked about it because I wanted to check it out but they said it’s closed. Anytime I can go out have a couple apps, couple drinks and very good entrees for $107 for 4 is a dam good night to me!

Only downside to the night was McDonoughs didn’t have live music that night.


We went yesterday for pizza and beers. We ordered the wings but the waitress forgot :sob: My food luck lately hasn’t been amazing. The green goat pizza here is super tasty. Big fan.

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Ohhhhhhh I feel so sorry for you not getting the wings!! Did you order the parmesean wings? (this might be my current favorite wings) I’m honestly becoming a fan of this place even though I’ve only had 2 experiences here for their price point they really are good.


I feel like it was either those or thai chili? Either way, I’m still super bummed about it still! I guess I will have to go back.

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First disappointing meal, lunch special. Sandwich was poorly executed and small side salad was really weak on ingredients and the upcharge not mentioned until bill arrived. I spoke to Mgr immediately and was given a appreciated adjustment. I like this place enough to be satisfied by how the check was handled but I was still hungry and wound up eating tacos a few blocks away.

Drew's Bayshore Bistro..............Keyport, NJ

Is drews now open for lunch or did you perhaps put this in the wrong thread?

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Oh man, you are correct. This post belongs in the Old Glory thread.

@Jr, move or delete is ok by me.

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ROLF. Hahaha. Touche.


Just saw on Instagram Old Glory is celebrating their 2 year anniversary tomorrow. Music, 1/2 price menu, giveaways etc if anyone is interested.

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I met someone here for dinner Tuesday night and once again I’m happily surprised by the quality of the food. We had the parmesean and rosemary crusted wings and coconut shrimp as apps, bother were very good. The wings are really delicious I’ve never had them prepared like this and it’s fantastic.

For an entree I had the chicken milanese and once again it was excellent. The chicken was fresh and the salad including the mozzarella pieces were all very good. About a year ago I went to Mr. C’s in Allenhurst and ordered this and the chicken was tough and chewy and grey. Obviously it had been cooked a couple days ago the flash fried to heat it back up, it was so bad I wrote off Mr. C’s for allowing such a lack of quality. Old Glory had a golden brown with white and juicy cutlet that was very good.

I really can’t tell you how impressed I am for a restaurant of this type. Every time I go I leave very satisfied, especially for their price points. I really wish this was closer to home for me.


Had a ressie here a couple of weeks ago but plans fell through. Also not close for me, but want to check it out.

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Report back when you do!