Old Glory (Keyport NJ)

(Greg Caggiano) #21

I was told by a server at McDonagh’s only a few months ago that they are owned by the same person.

(Dan) #22

Interesting. When we had a bday party at OG, Chris handled the details. Knew him from Park East but he told me he had two partners on the OG.

Ok, maybe I have old intel.

(Junior) #23

Chris ? Sanborn? Blonde hair, glasses, looks very young for his age? He’s a partner of OG? I knew him from Park East, through my old & good friend Neil.

(Dan) #24

One and the same.

(Junior) #25

Interesting and good for him, too bad I didn’t see him would have liked to say hello. Another reason for me to stop back in, did you know Neil at Park East?


What is going on in the old park east location? Talk about a cursed spot

I’ve said it before, open a Jose tejas there and you will have a gold mine!

(Junior) #27

They are rebranding themselves and will be reopening under a new/different name and concept. (from what I understand)

(Dan) #28

Something with the word “moon” in the title. Mexican food.

(Dan) #29

When you ck out the downstairs, ask for Chris. I only notice him hangin there, near the kitchen.

I only know Chris in the context of a party plan. I dont know Neil and Park East was never on my radar just met friends there from time to time. Because Chris is a very friendly guy, Ive had interaction.

(Greg Caggiano) #30

I lived right up the street from there (within walking distance) for most of my life, until I moved a town over this past spring. It has been a slew of places. First was Shore Point Inn (yes, that dingy motel had a restaurant) where the average age of the customers was around 83. The Inn died with its patrons and it became The Cove, which was not bad but never went over well. Had two Thanksgiving buffets there as a child when my mom didn’t feel like cooking! After that, it became the Steak Exchange which lasted for about three or four years. Never went at that point and I believe it was one more business before it became Park East. Now THAT was a goldmine. They had a solid two or three years of absolutely packed parking lots. People were parking in the Goddard School lot on football Sundays. For some reason, it drew an odd mix of locals, BENNY’s, and New Yorkers. Quite a bit of rabble rousing from what I hear. My dad’s coworker witnessed a stabbing in the parking lot one night. Cops practically lived in the Exxon across the street. Watching. Waiting. For some reason, their run dwindled and last I saw it was The Park Tap and Grill.

Restaurants at that location have been killed and resurrected more times than Dracula.

I should be a defunct restaurant historian. Is there such a thing? :smiley:

(Junior) #31

There was a stabbing and a police officer was assaulted during a fight there, that combined with the number of DUI’s coming out of there led to restrictions on their liquor license. The first was the end of the popular bottle service they were doing upstairs and a restricted time(s) of service which killed their Sunday Brunch. That all combined with the beefed up police presence you mentioned made it too risky of a place to “party” at.


I’ve also had good experiences at Old Glory. Super accommodating with kids and a really well done renovation. I highly suggest the green goat pizza. Totally different spin and really very tasty.

(Dan) #33

Blue Moon, Mexican Cantina. Read the banner this morning on my way out.

(Greg Caggiano) #34

I give them a year…


I’ll take the “under” and go 10 months lol

(Dan) #36

I’m not a betting man let alone before the doors even open but that location hasnt been lucky for restaurants. I was hoping the bldg would be turned into another type of commercial biz.

(D) #37

I’m only familiar with Keyport because I used to meet up with my brother there when he got back from fishing on charter boats that ran out of the marina. I had never been to it before 2011 or so but I thought the same thing: This town was abandoned in 1973. Nothing much impressed me, including McDonoughs. I did check out the Broad Street diner after the Star Ledger ranked it the state’s best and the roast beef was quite good.

(Dan) #38

Plus that location falls under Hazlet not Keyport

(Dan) #39

I have no issue with the town of Keyport and Matawan is far from a looker, still trying to spruce up, and there are decent restaurants there if you take a fair look.

These old, tired hang ups about any town seems counter productive to improving. Continue to support them maybe we all benefit. The fact that Drew has occupied three diff locations in Keyport rather than move is loyalty thats pretty cool.

(Junior) #40

Went back on Saturday night and had a very enjoyable time again. This time apps were, margarita pie & Parmesan rosemary wings. The pie was good/ solid pie and the wings were great again. Dinner(s) were 2 shrimp skewers , short ribs and catfish special. The shrimp skewers were well enjoyed by the ladies (I tried a bite it was good) my short ribs were excellent and the catfish while good could have used some more spice in the blackening. Live music, nice weather and good friends made for an all around nice night.

For bar/comfort food I’m really liking this place.