Old Glory (Keyport NJ)

Met my niece and her husband for dinner last night and they picked this place. They had been there before I had not and was quite skeptical. Much to my surprise…it’s a cool and good spot! It’s an old church turned into restaurant and bar, outdoor seats with a bar, live music, 2nd floor deck and additional bars and seating as well. Large brick oven for pizza and of course the entire (open) ceiling painted of old glory. Really cool space.

We got there 7:30 and there was a half hour wait, we sat at the outside bar for cocktails with a one man guitar playing singer, nice atmosphere. 30 mins later we were seated:

Apps: Parmesan rosemary wings, meatballs and coconut shrimp. The wings were baked and caked in Parmesan cheese, rosemary and a reduced balsamic drizzled on top. Large and meaty wings and the topping was excellent, scrapping the cheese off the plate like the side of a French onion soup, was very tasty. Meatballs much to my surprise was pretty darn good, I would have NEVER ordered this on my own but heck, they were very good for restaurant meatballs. The coconut shrimp were good, non-frozen served with a sweet dipping sauce.

2 short ribs, bacon wrapped meatloaf (mine) and salmon special. I don’t know what I was thinking ordering the meatloaf (the meatballs inspired me) but I’m glad I did! It was pretty dame good with smashed potatoes excellent as well and a fresh vegetables medley.

I tried the short ribs and they were very good and the salmon received high marks as well. The topper, their bread was excellent as well. I’ve got to be honest the place surprised the hell out of me and if I’m the area I wouldn’t think twice about going back.


Finally, a review front and center. I have chatted up Old Glory a few times on HO to very little interest.

I have no affiliation and think Keyport has this very old and tiring rep for being something it just no longer is. As many of you know there are dining spots in that town worthy of attention.

So, yes! Old Glory has a fun vibe, a large beer selection, good table service and fine pub food. They have utilized every square inch inside and out. Live performance, daily specials, one day events, supportive of the community and free parking.

The bar pies are delicious with a great char, easy takeout service too.

My favorite dinner combo is the house pie, the meatball app, house salad and a glass of Alagash White. I usually take the table side bread home for sandwiches along with wrapped leftovers.


Old Glory just started adding new menu items this year. My only peeve was the small menu but when I asked about it one of the partners had shared the kitchen was working on new items…so far, the seafood mac and cheese is our fav new item.

The meatloaf is a tasty mix. I share that portion with my wife.

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If I lived closer this would become a regular place of mine, similar to The Pour House, but with better food and environment. I was very pleasantly surprised.

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Is Old Glory in the oooooold Trinity space?

Pour House burger is the bomb. I think if Old Glory was in the location of PH the playing field would be level. Keyport really does get slammed on location related remarks consistently online. It is unfortunate. Food lovers travel everywhere for meals…

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Yes it is.

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We hit McDonoughs afterward (you could hear the music /crowd was livelier by the time we were finished at 10pm) they had a trio playing. That was a good time as well, is there a relationship between ownership of the two?

Keyport is a town that time has skipped by. One day in the late 70’s Keyport decided it wasn’t going to progress any further and time has just passed it by. Quaint and a little quirky it will never be a Red Bank, but will remain gateway to the Jersey Shore.

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Completely diff owners. Diff crowd too. The owner of McDs is a landlord to a good deal of commercial space in town though.

Like I said, I am keenly aware of the rep of the town. Years ago and now. Red Bank has struggled and unlike Keyport charges for parking and had to be educated on just how inconvient parking hrs were to accept a vote to chg it. Red BAnk as the best dining example other towns should live by died when AP took a deep breath and found a way to thrive, again imo. Even one day events once exclusive to RB have been lost to other towns.

What seems very clear is a town can bring in the community effectively by changing their bottomline through food businesses. I can think of dozens of NJ communities begging for restaurants to bring in revenue.

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Obviously their proximity to each other but also the fact I had seen that large Bavarian pretzel appetizer on the menu at OG, then I saw one served at MD, so I thought they might share common ownership.

Competitive more like it. McDs had the live music crowd, the parking lot and outdoor seats in much larger share until OG opened.

What gives me :+1: for OG is that out of state plates are common and parking Fri-Sat is actually becoming difficult. I park by the school and walk down.

While you were there, did you check out the downstairs (basement) cocktail bar? They did a nice refurb on that area. Food can be orded there too. Its a quiet, darker room and the air stays cooler downstairs. Met a buddy for drinks one night and that room was a pleasure while the rest of the restaurant was wild with customers.

Parking has been a problem for me for … well, ever. I remember trying to find a spot on the street (kids can’t afford parking garages) in Manhattan in the 60’s - it simply made the start of the evening an unpleasant challenge. Fast forward to Montclair - once a nice little town - it became increasingly difficult to park as the character of the town changed. Now I’m the AP area and facing yet more parking challenges. I won’t go anywhere near RB, I do not need the aggravation. I tend to frequent places with their own parking. For me, the ability to easily park is a competitive advantage.

I hear ya. So far Keyport is a town with free parking everywhere. No meters at all. And with restaurants bringing in diners most weekends the time for a parking garage maybe the next item up for vote. i read multi use development has been kicked around by a few builders recently. Sure would be nice to see more H Sandy recovery that residents will vote on.

My nephew mentioned the downstairs but I did not check it out. The parking lot was full but we lucked out and caught someone as they were leaving so we got a space 5 away from restaurant.

I already told my daughter (23) that I want to bring her and her bf there, so i’ll be back and will make a point to check out the downstairs.


I reviewed Old Glory last year on my blog. Maybe they were still new, but I found the food quality to be uninspiring (though not horrible). Horrible was reserved for our service. Gave them 3 out of 5 stars, which was generous. At least they had Allagash White on tap.

You dont strike me as a one and done reviewer. I have enjoyed your blog, well crafted. We dont always agree on restaurants.

While I wasnt wowed every time I never have been disappointed by the food or service. I find it to be comfort food in a friendly atmosphere. I like being around young people and hanging out no fuss no muss. In addition to the large beer selection, I enjoy their cocktails. Bar flys will fix anything you ask for. The menu has expanded since opening year.


I am usually always open to a return visit. I may hit up Old Glory now because of your recommendation, they just are not high up on the list. Funny thing is that I really enjoy McDonagh’s, their sister-restaurant.

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I am not keen on the tight squeeze atmosphere of McDs bar. Some of the food I enjoy, some I feel is poorly executed. Last time I had the reuben and it was delicious. I would eat outside vs inside if the view was better.

SIster restaurant? No affilition btwn the two restaurants is what I was told. If so, I stand corrected. I know there was affiliation with the now closed Park East.

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