October 2023 New Orleans Trip Report

Crab cake

Duck Spring rolls

Bistro Salad

Crispy Fried Oysters with jalapeño tart3ar sauce

Gumbo ya ya

Baby iceberg salad

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp and Grits

Soft Shell Crab

Bistro Buger

Profiteroles and chocolate sauce

It was “fine”, and near our hotel, which is what we wanted our first night.

Food tour tommorow moring.



If you go to Brennan’s for breakfast this week, be aware the portions are massive! I ordered fried oysters and I couldn’t even finish half of them.

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Get thee to Felix’s for char-grilled oysters.


Husband says he may reconsider, but nixed it because there are no pancakes with maple syrup", too many dishes with poached eggs, and “who likes bananas”?

Oh well. I’m still having fun. At least it’s not Vegas. That’s in December. :roll_eyes:


Get thee to Felix’s for char-grilled oysters.

I think I saw that place!


Who eats Maple Syrup in Louisiana? That’s what you’ll do when you come visit the Cdn HOs in southwestern Ontario or meet up with HOs in Quebec and Vermont! :joy:

I’m sure it’s possible to get bananas foster pancakes, hold the bananas, somewhere in New Orleans :joy:

I wish Toronto still had some Southern restaurants. The last couple closed over the past decade. I have my eye on one restaurant in Buffalo.

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No BBQ Shrimp? :scream:


Get there before noon or you’ll wait on line.

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Had my first ever Eggs Bennie at Brennan’s. Also first (& prob last) Banana’s Foster. Both very good as was the coffee. I was playing tourist visiting best friends & had always wanted to try Brennan’s.

Don’t forget to wear Dark Clothing when you visit Café Du Monde! :smiling_imp:


Bacon wrapped shrimp and grits looks delicious


Exactement! :wink:
Cane Syrup sounds more like it.

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What is under the Soft Shell Crab?
Is that an dark Roux based Sauce with the Shrimp and Grits?

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Your final comment reminds me of the time I ate an Peruvian alfajores (well dusted with confectioners sugar) al fresco and upwind of a young lady wearing a black cashmere coat.

On a similar note to your devilish comment, I recommend you wear a nice white dress shirt the next time you dine on a bowl of Bun Bo Hue.


There was corn under the soft Shell crab; I think that was red eye gravy under the shrimp and grits, but the color of the gumbo ya ya was beautiful!

I am exhausted from this morning&s walking but hope to share later; @linguafood , I spotted this on the way back. It seems quite a bit quieter than the last time I was here, perhaps in part because it is not quite "tourist season ".


I hope you are having a great time, shrinkrap!
You timed your visit to NO much better than I did! LOL!
Temps look like the upper 80’s, not bad!
Felix’s is still one of my favorites though I have to admit I liked it better the first time I went on a Friday. The chef on Monday was not nearly as good. Let me see if I can post a comparison of the char grilled oysters… Is it just me or do the Friday ones look better? The bartender on Friday was a hoot, the one on Monday was a much quieter sort.
Friday char grilled oysters:

Monday char grilled oysters:

The Friday oysters seemed meatier and the fixins’ covered more of the shell.


It looks like the Friday oysters could eat the Monday oysters…


This morning we went on a walking food tour. I know many of you won’t see the point, but our family either lives these.
We work in a little history too. Our guide was from “Tours By Locals” and her family sold fried sausage.

Started with Cafe Dumonde; I had my coffee iced and really enjoyed it. Three of us had on black shirts!

Later we had Po Boys at Nola Po Boys. I had the alligator. Others had beef, and shrimp with crawfish bisque.

I think we did the French Market next and had muffletta, pralines, and praline stuffed beigenetts. The muffletta was my favorite thing so far.

Tonight we do Frenchmen Street.


Make sure to pick up some hot sauces at Royal Praline Co.

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Am I the only one that wants to take a bite out of someone else’s PoBoy sandwich prepared “Cursing Murray in the Morning” spicy?
I don’t want the whole sandwich, just a bite. Then I will have a couple scoops of ice cream.


No. I can’t eat a lot of fried seafood at a time. I always love the first few bites, and then I don’t even want to look at it.