New Orleans Trip Report - BEWARE - VERY LONG

I too am sorry you were sick; such a drag while on vacation, and hope you’re feeling better. I’m a fan of The Parkway’ s po boys too, I had an oyster one, but think the fried oyster ones are served only on Wednesday’s, which we happened to hit.

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good to know!

also good to know!

my last two times, everything was a hit! I just think i was hampered by being sick, the BF not liking seafood (i went with my sister the other times), and the holidays slamming some of the restaurants. And yes, I have faith the next time will be great!

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Thanks Mr. H. I ate extremely well my last two times there. I’m sure it was a fluke and bad circumstances.

thanks… yeah, I’m guilty of revisiting places I love before seeing new ones. Hard not to, when you fall in love!

Although 2021 may bring a whole new continent…!

Thanks for the report and pics! Sorry you were sick.

I don’t think I’m a huge fan of roast beef debris po’boys either.

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Yeah, i’d much rather have seafood. dratted BF! :grin:

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My heart goes out to you! Sick in New Orleans! … so sad,

Here are my must_visits: Central Grocery fir muffulettas, Domilisi’s for po boys, Commanders Palace, Jaques Imo’s, and at least two Brennan restaurants. And Felix’s for oysters.

I worked wirth the East NOLA Vietnamese community some after Katrina, but haven’t tried any of their restaurants there.


we loved Commander’s Palace on our first trip. Central Grocery muffulettas have become a standard, and we actually preferred the oysters at Acme than the ones at Felix. I want to try Jacques Imo’s too. looks like it’ll be 2021 or even later though…

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The great oyster battle between Felix’s and Acme is one of those fights like that between Eastern and Western NC bbq or over mayonnaise brands. The actual difference is often negligible. Both are really good, but you pick one and that’s your team.

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ohh, i misunderstood your “must” list to be a “wish” list! you’ve already been! yes, to each their own!

and we actually liked the ambiance at Felix’s much better.

Well done @mariacarmen , as always! Heading there in September and leaving bookmarks.

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yay you! i’m due back, but probably won’t make it for a couple years, sadly. too many other places are on our list.

looking forward to hearing what you discover!

We’re here!
Just arrived, and we had a “meh” dinner at Mr. M’s Bistro. In retrospect, I see several posts about the BBQ shrimp, and sort of wish I tried it. Insted I enjoyed the soft shell crab.
It was “fine”, and near our hote, which is what we wanted our first night. I suppose I’m supposed start a new thread.


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I would have steered you away from Mr. B’s if you’d asked; it is pretty meh and touristy. And I hate to say this, but don’t waste a meal on Dooky Chase, if you’re planning one. Food there is also just not that good.

Thank you! While l share an opinion from time to time (I have already said my piece about Dookie Chase, including appreciating the stories) this trip is mostly about sharing time with family . I have come to terms with having some"meh" meals.


Entirely reasonable.